What Happened to Innocent Until Proven Guilty?


According to The Human Rights Act 1998 we are “Innocent until PROVEN guilty” and that guilt MUST be proved by a court of law where we have the absolute right to defend our rights and innocence.

Human rights

We have a right to a fair trial and no punishment without law, if accused of a crime we have the right to hear and defend evidence against us in a court of law. In Article 6 of The Human Rights Act 1998 it says “In the determination of civil rights and obligations or of any criminal charge against a person everyone is entitled to a fair and public hearing within a reasonable time by an independent and impartial tribunal established by law”, so WHY THE HELL ARE THE PAPERS SLATING PEOPLE THAT HAVE MERELY BEEN QUESTIONED ABOUT AN “ALLEGED” CRIME????????????? Just today the media has posted stories that Neil “Dr” Fox has been arrested for alleged historic sexual offences and the papers are already trying to label him a paedophile and sexual predator!!!

DJ-Neil-Fox DJ Neil “Dr” Fox 

Article 6 also sets out a number of specific rights which apply to criminal defendants, such as the presumed innocence until after trial and conviction, The right to be represented by a solicitor / Barrister of our own choice and the right to cross examine witnesses against us. Once again the question comes up; “How can a person have a fair trial if the case against them has been spread throughout the media prior to trial”? Of course it’s impossible as the jurors of the trial and members of the public will all have been ‘brainwashed’ by the press and their garbage!!

leveson_0 The Leveson Enquiry

Surely The Leveson Enquiry should have put a stop to all of this media broadcasting and publishing stuff before trial shouldn’t it?? But it hasn’t of course!!

The Sun      the-people-newspaper

The Gutter Press love to slate someone and put their name through the mud long before any trial and certainly well before any conviction. Even when a court have heard the trial and either a jury have pronounced the accused “Not Guilty” or if the verdict has been that of “Guilty” then the judge has passed sentence the press will either say “Oh he was guilty, but the CPS didn’t present the case well enough to secure a conviction” or they will say “The sentence wasn’t long enough”. What the hell is wrong with the media and gutter press readers?? The courts declare a person “Not Guilty” and discharge them or “Guilty” and pass sentence and still they bang on!! I hereby ask that the media should be silenced when someone has been arrested until a trial has heard the case in open court thus the accused persons might just get a fair trial and the correct verdict!


Let justice be done without interruption or unreasonable influence then have the grace to accept a verdict regardless of what it may be once a trial is over, that’s my feeling

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The Media Knew – Sir Cliff Richard’s Home Was To Be raided

Cliff's property

Hello again, what an exciting day or so it’s been in the news here in The UK (Ha Ha) Sir Cliff Richard’s home was searched by Thames Valley Police in connection with an allegation of a “sexual offence”, yes, yes I know that’s in the news and you’ve read it already I’m not gonna make a news report (My regular readers will know me better).

My concern isn’t with what happened so far as the raid is concerned but what’s happening around it. . .Firstly the media had somehow been notified so that a BBC TV News team were already camped outside Sir Cliff’s Berkshire home when the police arrived. Now two years ago The Leveson Enquiry concluded that Police operations involving the media & celebrities should be ‘controlled more tightly’ to avoid the ‘perception of favouritism’ and the ‘risk of viloating the privacy rights of individuals’. Since that time there has hardly been any media tip offs despite a series of raids on celebrity homes and a considerable amount of celebrity arrests, so today’s media presence was “most unusual”, so what’s that all about?? It appears that it’s a deliberate attempt by the police to ensure that the whole thing got maximum coverage, but I think there is more to it than that!!


As usual, there is something hidden here, why would anyone “tip off” the media, especially when Sir Cliff is currently in Portugal!! OOOPS, yes he’s in PORTUGAL, the country where The British prime minister was until he was called back to deal with the Iraq problems and the country where Madeleine McCann vanished in 2007  (Police are still searching for her there), Hmmmmm no connection of course. . .noooooooooooooo!!

Incidentally it’s not illegal for someone from within Thames Valley Police to have tipped off the media but there are strict guidelines and the force may have to justify teir actions for some time to come, it’s just that I believe there is more to it than police wanting to make a big fuss and get maximum coverage. I’m not sure what lies behind it yet, but I’ll keep you posted.

I have to say I love the blunt response Sir Cliff Richard “The allegations are completely false until now I have chosen not to dignify the false allegations with a response as it would just give them more oxygen”.

Detective Superintendent Matt Fenwick said “The investigation is at a very early stage and nobody has been arrested” hmmmm what a funny way to go on, police attend a home of a celebrity, spend five or six hours searching it in connection with an allegation of a sexual offence from 1985 (What were they expecting to find 29 years on???). The star was not even in the country, no arrests were made and The media had been tipped off in advance to ensure their presence!!! Something doesn’t add up here.

Oh as a little lead the incident was alleged to have happened at a mass evangelical meeting featuring a world famous evangelist Billy Graham in Sheffield over 24,000 people were present on the occasion the offence is alleged to have taken place. This is a mystery which will end with a sting in it’s tale I am sure of that

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