Was Edward Howard Maps Innocent??

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A new twist in the Christine Maps murder investigation leads me to ask the question was Edward Howard Maps innocent of the murder of his Wife Christine & baby daughter Julia on 21st January 1962 in Stroudsburg, USA. Let me lay the evidence before you and see what you think.  .  .

Facts: Edward Howard Maps has long been sought as the lead suspect in the arson and violent murders of his wife Christine Maps and his baby daughter Julia Maps. It was alleged that 38 year old Edward bludgeoned his 22yr old wife on the night in question and set up to 10 fires in their home at 510 Sarah Street, Stroudsburg.

The investigation into this notorious case has always been riddled with circumstantial evidence, with the only real damming evidence against Edward Howard Maps being the fact that he disappeared at the same time as the fire / murders took place, other than that there has never been much to actual pin the crime firmly on him.

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An article in The Herald Tribune of Passaic-Clifton, New Jersey (Maps Hometown) showed that Edward had no motive for the crimes, neither did he have anything at all to gain from it. James Marsh was district attorney for Monroe County and told the newspaper that he really believed Maps was really uncomfortable in his marriage and found menial tasks such as paying the mortgage a real burden after so many years of what Marsh described as “a carefree existence”, but let’s face it Maps could have just simply walked away and started a new life someplace else, so why would he set fires inside a house then close all the windows and doors of the property thus depriving the fire of oxygen so as the house was not seriously damaged and the badly beaten body of Christine Maps would be found?It just doesn’t add up.

During their investigations The State Police uncovered details of Map’s in-laws marital problems which were never released to the general public possibly to save them embarrassment, of course today the police would investigate the Wolbach’s domestic matters if it could have even the slightest link to the enquiry.

To give you a bit of background, before his marriage Edward Howard Maps lived a very relaxed and somewhat simple life, he was an artist and sculptor and never had any sort of regular employment. He lived his life a bit “Beatnik style” and wore sandals even in the depth of winter. 


Edward Howard Maps – 1962

A report published just one day after the fire said.  .  . “He is a complete sponger, lazy, insolent and nasty, is not friends with any past acquaintances & anyone that has ever known him does not speak well of him”. The witer of the report made a much more suprising yet major statement about the 38 year old husband / father saying “Quite sure he is homosexual”, what led the reporter to say this we may never know. Despite this report when friends of Edward’s were interviewed they told a completely different story they described him as Kind, Gentle, intelligent and a lover of animals, he skated in the streets with friend’s children, he collected arrowheads, fossils and American Indian artifacts in the Buskhill area near The Delaware River. Just a month before the fire Edward cared for a critically ill neighbour on Sarah Street so that the man’s wife could go to work, Edward visited every day until the neighbour died. 

Now an interesting point, a local grocer (62 year old and of excellent reputation) told investigators that “it was his opinion that someone could possibly have been hired by Edward Map’s father-in-law  to commit the crimes on that fateful night. The grocer went on to say he felt Maps could well have been murdered and his body could well have been weighted and lying at the bottom of a river somewhere nearby. 

On the night of the fire Edward & Christine Maps had taken the baby to visit a neighbour at around 8.30pm and took an apple pie to her. The neighbour knew Christine’s father Robert Wolbach and she mentioned that she had received a letter from him recently. When interviewed the neighbour reported that Maps had said “I hope that Robert doesn’t come up and make any trouble for us tonight”, the couple left at 9.05pm to put the baby to bed.  The fire was reported at 10.48pm so what happened in that one hour and forty minutes to make the happy couple’s situation change so much that Maps would batter her almost to death, set 10 fires and leave so well as to make tracing him so impossible?? That is one of the questions I want to answer in this cold case, so if you have any ideas or thoughts.  .  . PLEASE GET IN TOUCH!!

E-mail me:    andrearlesmanashayphd@gmail.com  

I really believe that this case can be solved and I really believe that Edward Howard Maps may well have been innocent of the crimes that he was alleged to have committed and I would love to prove it.

I’m waiting to hear from you, please leave a comment, follow my blogs and /or get those e-mails on their way this is such an exciting case.  .  .

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The McCann Trial – Mock Court Trial (Film Project)

Wow!! Real proud to have been invited to research this with you guys, it’s one of my cases at present and I have loads I can bring you on it. Anyone that wants to e-mail me on it pop a mail in to: thelastdetective@unseen.is

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Welcome to our latest blog, sorry that it’s been a while but we’ve been extremely busy. Paradox Media & Film Production UK have been asked to manage what promises to become an extremely exciting and somewhat controversial film production.

One of our specialist researchers (Mr Andrearles Manashay) was approached with a view to our becoming involved in this film which will feature a mock Crown court Trial and all it’s proceedings to examine all the different “Theories & Opinions” that have sprung up since three year old Madeleine Mccann disappeared in Praia Da Luz on May 3rd 2007. There have been theories and allegations of allsorts both in mainstream media and through ‘chinese whispers’ all across the world particularly in The UK. Despite many different investigations by both The Portugese Authorities and British Police, including specialists from Scotland Yard the child has never been found

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The story within…

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Understanding The Criminal Mind

Today’s topic is a bit more in depth but it’s something I have been working on, so I thought I should share the research with you – Understanding The Criminal Mind. Today I will look at the darkest form of criminality “The Mind of The Paedophile”, I know some of you are easily upset by this subject but it’s a very real part of life and I’d just going to try to bring you some insight into what goes on in the minds of these vile beasts. . .


Paedophilia is a medically diagnosable condition according to some psychology theories and is characterised by adults & late adolescents (persons aged 16 years & above, both male & female) that have an exclusive or at least primary interest in ‘prepubescent children’. A ‘Paedophile’ should not be confused with a ‘Hebephile’, which is a person sexually attracted to a child that is already in at least the early stages of puberty (usually aged approximately 11 – 14 years old). Most mainstream media and members of the public wrongly place all persons attracted to children under the umbrella word  ‘Paedophile’, it is in my mind disgusting by any name but as this is a research item I thought I’d share the facts with you.



On Line Troll

Paedophiles / Hebephiles do not discriminate race, class, or even looks and according to a colleague of mine at The American Psychiatric Association 85% of this type of offender are male and mainly aged over 30 years old, but this is by no means ‘set in stone’. They are clearly female child sex offenders although interestingly according to a University Research Programme (They do not wish to be named) most females that fit into these characteristics would be more likely classed under the title ‘paedophile’. It seems from our recent research and investigations that there is a clear correlation between these type of offenders and certain psychological characteristics such as poor social skills and difficulties in interacting with others. Many will not have many friends, will be somewhat introverted and if in a relationship at all it will be a superficial one with the partner being more of a ‘companion’ than a sexual ‘lover’. 


Convicted serial child abuser Derek Slade (The Headmaster) spent years abusing children gaining sexual gratification from physically and sexually abusing boys in his care administering extreme amounts of corporal punishment. He was a very highly qualified teacher and headmaster of an all boys private school but enjoyed abusing children. Despite being convicted in The UK of more than 50 offences and being wanted in India on over another 110 charges he maintains his innocence and we have revealed that he runs a library service in a prison and donates regularly to the NSPCC. The point I am raising here is that even people that ‘know absolutely’ that they have been involved in very serious crimes will play themselves up as being the ones that have been wronged. In a leaked report from within The Prison System where he was being held Slade is known to be saying that he will appeal his convictions all the way to The House of Lords, see my point?? The evidence is absolutely solid against this man but still he will not sit back and take his punishment as he, like most that have offended sexually against children do not see they have done wrong.


National Crime Agency are fighting paedophiles daily in The UK, but for everyone convicted 100’s and I do MEAN hundreds go undiscovered or worse still unconvicted.

Although some statistics show that child sexual offenders have low intelectual abilities and and self-esteem this is clearly not completely accurate as they are very often skilled manipulators and often have such amazingly magnetic personalities that it makes them easily attractive to adults and children alike. They appear to be trustworthy & respectable so much so that anyone when told of their offending would just laugh and accuse the informant of lying!! Child abusers (for want of better words) often seek to gain power and authority over a child (Hence Derek Slade – Headmaster) because their inner desire is for a child to become a possession. A child to an abuser is a focus of an obsession to the point of destruction. This is where investigators like myself are left following paths into major establishments where these offenders hide as they are positions of trust and respect such as Teachers, Ministers, Reverands, Doctors, Masons, Charity Workers, Community Leaders, etc. Children obviously trust their Scout or Guide Pack Leader as they are respected people to be looked up to, likewise they would trust their local MP or councillor because the adults within their lives vote for and believe in them.


2 million kids missing

An offender that abuses children will often enjoy being the “underdog” and will let others manipulate him /her to their advantage. He or she may well be highly intellectual but they will act as if they have difficulties and will thus allow them to ‘reach out’ to others, even the most unknowledgeable, vulnerable person for help with every day tasks. It is part of human nature to help others and a child abuser will use this to his / her advantage to slip into a life of a family relatively unsuspected and un-noticed. These offenders will often be very adept at locating ‘troubled or withdrawn’ children, a talent acquired through years of trail and effort and always putting themselves in posistions where situations are most likely to arise. Particularly in cases where a victim is a troubled child there will have been sometime over which the child will have developed ‘feelings’ for the predator because he / she has been there for the child when no one else appears to have been, with the offender often being very supportive of the child during times of sorrow, emotional loss, etc. This often happens when an abuser holds positions of trust such as Teachers, step parent, care worker, etc. Evidence of this comes to light through a dozen or so cases in 2002 where adult men had been sexually molested years before by catholic priests. New York’s Cardinal Edward Egan received a massive storm of criticism when it came out that he defended priests that had been charged with sexual molestation of children, he saw no little reason to “make a fuss” in The Catholic Church. 



This photograph was titled ‘pedopope’ by it’s original producer

I will leave it there for this one friends, not quite my usual stuff but I wanted to share some of my recent research with you through my writings. If you want to leave a comment please feel free to do so below or follow my blogs.

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The Story of Me – Late Intro

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My fictional hero – Sherlock Holmes, consulting detective

Hello friends, I just thought maybe I should do a little blog about me so as you know who’s blogs & reports you are reading. I was born in Islington, London, England (although I am Greek Cypriot origin). I still live in London and have made my life’s work to study and theorise unsolved crimes and mysteries.

chapel market

Chapel Market, Islington where I grew up

A1, Islington, Greater London, UK

Angel Islington Tube Station

I am a qualified investigative journalist, private investigator & criminologist, I’ve worked in various parts of the world and have covered many stories. I’ve been ‘on location’ at some of the big stories, being at ‘the heart of the action’ so to speak on many occasions. My fascination is unsolved crimes and exposing cases so that people can understand & ultimately help where I can to conclude matters. I have written a theses on “Jack The Ripper”, “Ley Line Murders”, and “Theories of Injustice” so you can see I get pretty passionate about my studies. 

city of london uni

City University London


Jack The Ripper really made news like never before & still keeps armchair sleuths busy today

The cases that really interest and excite my brain just at the moment are:

  • The Madeleine McCann disappearance case
  • The disappearance of Daniel Entwistle in Great Yarmouth
  • Masonic crime
  • The murder of Princess Diana
  • Jack The Ripper

That’s just to name you a few, send me references to any unsolved case and I will happily research it & let you have my theories on it. I would say that I will not guarantee my theories to be absolutely correct but if I give my professional opinion as a ‘resting’ Private Detecttive, then i will take a gamble on my theory being proven & becoming factual evidence. can I just say at this stage that I DO NOT condone the behaviour of nor do I support the work of the organisation known as “Anonymous”. I do like there masks and I have worn one similar on campaign marches, but I am NOT a member. I DO NOT hack computers and I DO NOT hold anyone to ransom at any time. I DO support The ECHR (European Convention of Human Rights) & I will always peacefully campaign to see justice done, but I don’t condone any activity that could harm anyone or any business. I am a white witch / pagan so peace & love are my middle names.


Sherlock at work

I have a saying “The Truth is Far More exciting”, because I truly believe that no matter how hard some one tries the truth will out in the end and as a sleuth / investigative writer I’d much rather see the truth exposed than theories put forward in a case to keep things peaceful. I DO NOT condone anyone in The Media making things up or telling the readers what they want to hear if it’s not the truth. I absolutey despise Police & Establishment cover-ups they really frustrate me and I will work tirelessly to expose the facts.

sherlock sign 

He was my fictional hero, a character I used in growing in my work and research.


Remember that ‘Mainstream Media’ don’t always tell the truth, they are after all controlled by The Establishment so if a journalist has a major expose but it’s not something that The Establishment wants let into the public eye they won’t go to press!!

If you’d like to be a friend or would like to be involved in my work feel free to send me a friend request on Facebook or send me an email: thelastdetective@gmx.com

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I’m off to catch me a tube across this big ole city & meet my other half from college, I hope you’ll leave me a comment or two and please “follow” my blogs. . .Stay safe friends