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Friends I just wanted to share briefly with you that a fellow wordpress blogger has been sending me messages demanding that I take down a reblog of one of her blogs as she believes I am “using it to make money” errrm NO!! I don’t think so. I have my own business and website to do just that. 

I am not one to complain or pick holes in other people but seriously??? A blogger that claims to campaign for justice asking me to remove a post or be charged for copywrite hahahahahaha I am crying with laughter.

I am now forced to question this persons blogs validity and question why she would behave in such a way!!


Gay role model?

This is such an accurate blog


Open letter on Joe McElderry sent in Nov 2010 to Ben Summerskill, Chief Executive of the UK-based lesbian, gay and bisexual equality organisation Stonewall

Dear Ben Summerskill

You were recently quoted in a Stonewall press release as saying that singer Joe McElderry “is already recognised as a role model” and indeed, he has now been placed on the “Hero of the Year” shortlist for the 5th Stonewall Awards. You were really committing a gross error of judgement in describing Joe in this way and sadly misleading young gay people in the UK by proposing him as a “role model”. Are you actually aware of the story behind his coming out?

(1) It starts on the front page of The Sun for 15/12/2009, with Joe giving an interview and saying “I’m straight” and (on page 4) “What you see is what you get. I’m straight”. He said the same thing to…

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Are Cadaver Dogs Reliable??


Are cadaver dogs really realible or a hindrance in police work?? 

Recently I’ve been approached by an important agency (that shall remain nameless for the moment) to undertake some research into the work of “Cadaver Dogs”. My apologies I am guessing some of you may not know what a cadaver dog is, so the brief description is. . .Specialist trained dogs that are able to recognise the telltale odour of decomposing human flesh.  These dogs recognise ‘skin rafts’ (scent carrying skin cells that drop off living humans at a rate of approximately 40,000 cells per minute), ‘decomposition gases’ (released by bacterial action on human tissue), ‘evaporated perspiration’ and ‘respiratory gases’. 

So; my first question is this. . .surely dead flesh from a human and that from an animal such as a dog must be very similar surely?? Isn’t it possible that a dog that is looking for the scent of death / a corpse could easily be confused if an animal had died in the same place recently??

Cadaver dogs really popped into the news in a big way when they were used in the search for missing child ‘Madeleine McCann’ in Praia Da Luz, Portugal in 2007 but have been used by police forces for some time. They have recently been shown to be unreliable in their work, let’s look at some facts. . .

Dogs from four different police forces were used during searches for school girl ‘Shannon Mathews’ in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire in 2008. The dogs found “evidence” of dead bodies (Cadavers) but officers later discovered NO RELATION to Shannon’s disappearance, in fact she was found safe and well having been hidden by her mother. The explanation given by the forensic team was that the furniture sniffed by the dogs had been second hand and may have been owned by someone that had passed away, hmmmm I don’t quite buy it surely the dog would be given the scent of the person that they were seeking??

South Yorkshire police used a spaniel called “Eddie” in an investigation at “Haut De La Garenne” home in Jersey and at Praia Da Luz, Portugal. On both occasions the dog indicated evidence of a cadaver. On the first occasion the floor was lifted and the item indicated turned out to be “A coconut shell” and in the case of Madeleine McCann the said Cadaver (Corpse) has never been found. In the latter case surely if the Portugese police really thought the dog had found genuine evidence that a child had recently died they would have arrested her parents on suspicion of murder.


Interesting forensic anthropologist ‘Arpad Vass’ at The Oak Ridge National Laboratory and his team have reproduced the same odours chemically that the dogs seek out in the field, so this goes to show that someone with relevant knowledge could easily mislead the dogs in their work!! 

oak ridge lab

Finally I would like to draw your attention to a report by retired police officer / dog handler “Martin Grimes” in respect of the cadaver dogs used in the search for Madeleine McCann he CLEARLY states that there was “No proof of death or any certainty of cadaver scent having been detected by the dogs ‘Eddie and Keela’. He is a highly qualified and experienced police officer and his knowledge must in my professional opinion be taken seriously.

The following points are taken from the statement:

Apt 5A
The first alert was given with the dogs head in the air without a positive area being identified. This is the alert given by him when there is no tangible evidence to be located only the remaining scent. The second alert was one where a definitive area was evident. The CSI dog was therefore deployed who gave specific alert indications to specific areas on the tiled floor area behind the sofa and on the curtain in the area that was in contact with the floor behind the sofa. This would indicate to the likely presence of human blood.

McCann Villa
The only alert indication given was when the dog located a pink cuddly toy in the villas lounge. The CSI dog did not alert to the toy when screened separately. It is my view that it is possible that the EVRD is alerting to cadaver scent contamination. No evidential or intelligence reliability can be made from this alert unless it can be confirmed with corroborating evidence.

The only alert indication was by the EVRD on clothing from one of the boxes. I am not in possession of the details as these were recorded by the PJ officers present.

McCann Car
This vehicle was then subjected to a full physical examination by the PJ and no human remains were found. The CSI dog was then tasked to screen the vehicle. An alert indication was forthcoming from the rear driver’s side of the boot area. Forensic samples were taken by the PJ and forwarded to a forensic laboratory in the U.K. It is my view that it is possible that the EVRD is alerting to ‘cadaver scent’ contaminant or human blood scent. No evidential or intelligence reliability can be made from this alert unless it can be confirmed with corroborating evidence.

The dog alert indications MUST be corroborated if to establish their findings as evidence.

That some people (and I would include the initial PJ reaction in this) take this report as definitive proof that a child died in that apartment indicates to me that those people have either not read the report carefully enough or have not done so with a genuinely open mind as to what conclusions can be drawn from the report.

There is a possibility that the dogs alerted to “cadaver scent” and there is an equal possibility according to Martin Grime that they did not. In no location was there any actual evidence found. 

Again we get a lecture assuming that reports haven`t been read carefully enough and wrong conclusions are being drawn………What conclusions?


Martin Grime, Handler of Cadaver Dog

I think I’ve said enough for this blog friends, I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog and will “follow” and comment below. If you’d like to discuss any of my work or even assist with my research feel free to email me:   or

Until next time, don’t have nightmares, sleep well

Rotherham – Just Rotherham – or Elsewhere??

rotherham sign

Welcome to Rotherham, home town of the paedophile!! Does that really sound appropriate?? NO but it seems to be the truth as the media are saying almost every day. Rotherham is a large town in West Yorkshire, UK with an approximate population of 257,800 just 6 miles from the famous city of Sheffield, where steel works once produced a lot of the cutlery we use on our tables today. Formed in the late middle ages Rotherham quickly grew and by the later years of The Saxon Period had become a large parish on both sides of The River Don and has gradually evolved into a relatively modern town.

So why has Rotherham now become such big news with a massive child exploitation ring hitting the news just last month?? Is it unique to that town or is this something of a much bigger scale that we yet do not know the scale of??  According to Government figures a ‘conservative estimate’ puts the figure of the number of children abused at approximately 1400, a staggering number in my mind!!!! Enquiries so far indicate that most of the perpetrators of the abuse are of Pakistani origin, so my questions are quite simple 

  • Why Rotherham?? 
  • Are there only Pakistanis in Rotherham??
  • In fact why Pakistanis?? Have they been placed there for a particular reason??

To the best of my knowledge most but not all Pakistanis are muslims and follow the strict religion of Islam, hardly paedophiles. I mean yes I can accept that there is currently a section of Islamists that are terrorists such as ISIL but now lets have a look at this, is there ultimately a hidden link??

I have to say the more that I think about this case the more confusing it becomes, it just doesn’t make any sense to me that this one town in South Yorshire should have an ongoing child sex abuse scandal running for several years apparently either undetected or ignored, yet it’s not going on anywhere else?? Hmmmmm me thinks I don’t agree at all, something just doesn’t add up!! I mean OK The Police Chief at the centre of the investigation says that he failed Rotherham and yes I agree The Police should have done more and acted much more quickly but, how did it get to those proportions of such dreadful activity in the first place and why?? 

In his own words the Police chief said “This is a hideous crime, I am deeply embarrassed, I can say with honesty I had no idea of the scale and scope of this,” Well yes I see that he has reason to be embarrassed but how would he or his officers have known at the start of these dreaful incidents and still the big question stands “WHY ROTHERHAM”??? I mean come on readers; I live in London and some areas in this city are not nice places so is something very similar going on in other places?? If so to what scale?? Are there literally thousands of children in similar danger and suffering at the hands of monsters all across this country?? It just doesn’t bear thinking about my friends!! We already know that smaller asian gangs of paedophiles have been found to operate in Manchester and Oxford so clearly there is a bit of a pattern forming here, I feel we need to be asking a great deal of questions wherever we live. 

According to a recent article in The Guardian Newspaper it was revealed that attempts have been made to threaten and ultimately ‘silence’ whistleblowers that have tried to expose this case including one Home Office researcher who claimed she “Feared for her life”, according to the report the Home Office researcher was threatened by senior officers from Rotherham Police forces, why???? The researcher told a closed investigation committee that two officers threatened her saying “Wouldn’t it be a bad thing if some of those men [a child-sex grooming gang] found out where you live?”.

Friends I will leave it there for now and let you ponder on where this is going, is there a UK wide thing going on with possibly hundreds of thousands of perpetrators and victims or is there something we don’t understand that has allowed this to be isolated in Rotherham areas of the country?? I know what I think, I hope you will comment and share this post, let me know your thoughts by commenting below or if you’d like to discuss this privately or forward me information please e-mail me:      anything that you say to me or any information you pass on via that secure email address will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Until next time friends. . .Stay safe, don’t have nightmares sleep well

Madeleine McCann – Child Trafficking Victim??


Hello Friends 

Today I am going to discuss my belief that Madeleine McCann could well have been sold to Child Traffickers to more than likely be used for sexual exploitation and the gratification of a high profile paedophile ring. Please bear in mind “THIS IS MY OWN OPINION BASED ON MY WORK AND RESEARCH”.

I am only able to share a certain amount of information / evidence with you due to the work I have been and am still connected with that is the law – PLEASE REMEMBER THIS

Before I go on to discuss my reasons in full let me just give you some facts and data to work with. . .

Human Trafficking is The Modern Day Slavery

The trafficking and exploitation of humans, especially children for profit takes quite a number of forms including; Forced Labour, Domestic Servitude, Sexual Exploitation & Service. Despite a huge ongoing effort from authorities all across the world this type of slavery still remains BIG business, this is in biggest part helped by the fluidity of trafficking networks adapting to constant change at short notice, thus avoiding detection.


Sexual Trafficking & Exploitation

There are a number of problems identifying accurate statistics in this particular field for obvious reasons in that it is a very secretive business. My work does not permit me to be detailed in the knowledge that I can share with you but, I can tell you with absolute accuracy that recently over 2,000 brothels were identified in the city of London, England in which 60% of those held illegally trafficked sex workers of all ages from 55 different countries across the world with 22% being well below the age of consent to engage in sexual activity in accordance with laws of The UK. In quite a number of cases those that were identified as ‘children’ in these results 6% had been singled out for either illegal adoption or forced marriage. Please remember these are FACTS not assumptions. I am NOT allowed to reveal sources of these facts.

police with kid

There have been several cases of child prostitution in recent years that have reached the media and I can promise you there are many that haven’t. When someone says “child prostitution” we see a mind image something like a ragged little lass on dark misty night under a victorian street lamp waiting for a rich man to buy her sexual favours and time. That is an image from Victorian times – isn’t it?? Not anymore NO. . .Britain’s dreadful secret is that once again a man or indeed a woman can enter most towns & cities in The UK and buy sexual favours with a child of absolutely any age, quite often with the full and open knowledge of the parents of the child concerned. Oh yes there are many female paedophiles that abuse children as well males.

Generation Peace

5 year old girl victims of traffickers with a rescuer from ‘Generation Peace’

So how does this relate to Madeleine McCann?? How does this lead me to any conclusion that she was sold to trafffickers?? That’s what you are shouting at your screen aren’t you?? Patience, Patience I am coming to that. . .

It is my opinion that Madeleine Beth McCann was sold for ‘Child Trafficking’ by her money driven parents for a huge sum of money. “But they went through the struggles of IVF to have her” I hear you say, yes I agree BUT money seems to be their God and ‘money breeds contempt’. once the twins came along I believe from my studies of their body language, listening to the interview tapes, etc that they then rejected her in favour of the twins. Let’s look at the facts connected to finances in the case of Kate & Gerry McCann, they love big properties, they love expensive holidays including world travel and they have clearly set up a ‘scam’ charity to raise money to fund the search for their daughter yet they’ve used less than 20% of the money for the search (Where is the rest of the money??).

maddie fund


mccann house

The McCann’s ‘lovely big home’ in Rothley, Leicestershire

mccann's and their money

Look at their faces as they count the money given by loving & supportive folk to help find Madeliene

Incidentally Gerry McCann is involved in a very high profile Government Quango COMARE and was already involved at the time of Madeleine’s disappearance in 2007. A company called Bell Pottinger represented The McCann’s and the holiday village where Madeleine vanished from, they also provide PR for The Nuclear Power Industry that Gerry Is connected with so this shows us a deep connection to The British Establishment so no wonder Gordon Brown, the then Chancellor of Exchequer was so keen to help lead the search whilst hushing up and controlling what the media were allowed to publish in Madeleine’s case. You may or may not understand the relevance of this.


Now I have recently got myself involved in some interesting debates and groups on Facebook where I have seen some interesting theories put forward as to what happened to Madeleine McCann, most have which are driven by false leads and stories posted in mainstream media, which in the work I have been and in some cases still am involved in is known to be taken with a proverbial “pinch of salt”. Let’s look at one or two of the opinions and how they are based. . .

One suggestion is one of the most popular in the world media is that Kate & Gerry McCann disposed of Madeleine’s body after she died in a tragic accident in the holiday apartment, they panicked and created a blind that she had been abducted, what’s wrong with that?? Well . . .Firstly Kate McCann was not the only person to check on Madeleine during the evening of 3rd May 2007 so that way the friends of the family would have had to have been involved and maintained a lie all these years, very risky if the friends had fallen out at any time. Secondly The McCann’s would have had to have moved the body and disposed of it in such a way that despite the use of specialist dogs, tracking teams, police officers, even helicopters no trace of the body has surfaced since, hmmmmm “nope it just doesn’t work”. 

Dogs allegedly found blood and dna evidence in The McCann’s apartment yet the dogs were not then taken out searching the streets or anything, instead they along with their handlers returned to the airport, transported by Goncalo Amaral, where the handlers met with and updated MI5 officers before returning to England. The Cadaver has never been found to this day FACT

Another theory was very similar in that The McCann’s murdered Madeleine, once again I see no logic in this theory and I dispute it for the same reasons. 

praia da luz holiday apartments

Holiday Apartments in Praia Da Luz

Scotland yard officers are thought to be following one of the original lines of enquiry that Madeleiene was abducted by burglars that were also drug dealers. . .Errrrrm NO, why not?? Well the Facts are that staff from the holiday complex in Praia Da Luz and Portugese police examined the window shutters and state that there was “No sign of forced entry on them”. Even if we accept that the burglars ‘walked in unseen’ which is extremely unlikely there were many items including jewellery, cameras and money left openly in the apartment and nothing was stolen!! Burglars, however careful would have made noise which could have woken the twins at any time at all and if they took the trouble to take one small child, they would not have left the other two behind, that makes no sense.


The room from which Madeleine was allegedly abducted, note the position of the cots, the closeness of the door and the small gap between the cots

One dispute against my theory / submission is that Kate & Gerry wouldn’t want to risk Madeleiene suddenly turning up and exposing the sale and revealing their involvement in a huge scam, but what those saying this are not clear about is that Maddie was only 3 years old when she left and therefore could well be living in a foreign land believing herself to be someone else completely and if not then one thing is for absolutely certain ‘the traffickers aren’t going to ever let her go, they’d kill her before they did that. Lastly the other negative was that the traffickers would hold it over The McCann’s heads and could demand more money at any time, that is also not likely as the child will have been ‘sold’ and it would be much too risky for the traffickers to attempt to contact Kate & Gerry as there is far too much scrutiny of their movements and contacts, plus the traffickers will have made their money back with a huge profit I guarantee that.

I have stated my case as far as I possibly can, I am UNABLE to divulge any further sources or evidence for my own safety and legal reasons, I truly believe that Madeleine Beth McCann is alive and I truly believe that Kate & Gerry McCann sold her or traded her with child traffickers. In my professional opinion this is the most logical and sensible explanation as to the what happened to Madeleine. I further believe that those that are saying “the child is dead” are hindering the true search because people may see a child that looks like Madeleine but dismiss it as they think she is dead.

Please feel free to comment below, follow my blogs, share my blogs forward via Facebook, Twitter, etc and if you want to contact me in confidence please email:

Until next time. . .stay safe, don’t have nightmares do sleep well











MI5 SPIES KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO MADELEINE MCCANN ; was the recent allegation made by the so called “shamed detective / crime writer Goncalo Amaral of Praia Da Luz.

Well I am here to tell you I believe him, every word of this new revelation I believe, because in my professional opinion Kate & Gerry McCann are just unbelievable and probably have friends in The British Secret Service, after all they’ve got their backs covered in so many ways it’s almost unreal, except it is!!!

Readers / supporters let me tell you my feelings on the story. . .Mr Amaral held quite a high and respected position within The Portugese Police until The McCann’s got their teeth in his arse because they needed to silence him. I may not agree with all of Goncalo’s thoughts in his book but I do agree that Gerry & Kate McCann had a huge hand in their daughter Madeleine’s disappearance. I am not going to sit here and chew over what I feel has happened to her or reason what happened on the night of 3rd May 2007. That has been done to death by many many people some who haven’t even bothered to read the actual statements or police reports, let alone were actually there in Praia De Luz within 14 hours of the disappearance being announced (I was there in my duties as an investigative journalist).

Whichever way, if MI5 know anything as Mr Amaral alleges then they should be made to reveal all. The latest allegation came out in a televison documentary in which Scotland yard detectives were literally mocked for their ridiculous theories and newest lines of investigation. Mr Amaral said when asked if we will ever learn the truth about what happened to Madeleine McCann “We will when MI5 open up their files”.. When asked to elaborate The detective went on to say that when the British Police Officer had been to search the McCann’s apartment with specialist search dogs he and his portugese team took the officer back to the airport to return to England, on route the British officer received a telephone call and told Amaral that the call had been from MI5 saying they had officers at the airport waiting to be updated on the case. I have just one question. . WHY???Just what is so damn special and unique about these McCann’s?? 


The now “shamed” detective Goncalo Amaral with his infamous book.

I have spent most of my life as a specialist investigative journalist and as a private detective and have been present and involved in other high profile missing child enquiries including the abduction and murder cases of ‘schoolgirl Milly Dowler’ and ‘Soham school chums ‘Holly Wells & Jessica Chapman’. I witnessed the shear devastation on the faces of those families when those children disappeared and ultimately were proven to have been murdered. There was No MI5, No Pope, No Chancellor of The Exchequer to hold their hands!!

Let’s have a look at Mr Amaral, in my opinion a very qualified and experienced police officer and in fact led the investigation into Madeleine’s disappearance on 3rd May 2007, yet he decides that in fact Gerry & Kate McCann were suspects and suddenly he is belittled and pushed out of the enquiry and ultimately is now aged 56 whiling away his life as a crime writer. Who caused this, him?? NO!!! far from it this police officer’s career and reputation was ruined by The McCann’s and I will ALWAYS believe that those two people are behind the disappearance of their daughter. The only part of Goncalo’s theories I don’t accept is that Madeleine Mccann is dead, because i have believed from day one that Kate and Gerry sold Madeleine to a major paedophile ring and I believe she may well be in Southern America some place with Daniel Entwistle the 7 year old boy that vanished from Great Yarmouth, Norfolk on 3rd May 2003. 


Look at this innocent sweet face, how the hell could anyone have allowed any one to have harmed her??

maddie 1

This sweet little angel’s life has been ruined by someone because of greed, the greed of The McCann’s

Apparently the team of detectives that are about to return to Praia Da Luz for a ‘last ditch attempt’ search for Madeleine are now following one of their original theories that Madeleine was abducted by burglars that were also drug dealers, now ‘whoa the horses’ here a minute, what the hell would drug dealers want with a three year old girl?? If they were paedophiles I could accept it perhaps but look at the evidence. . .There was and is no evidence to substantiate a break in, there was cameras, money, jewellery and other valuables openly not hidden in the apartment on the night of Madeleine’s disappearance why would a burglar take a 3 year old girl, leave two slightly younger twins asleep and not take any valuables and to this day not issue a ransom for the safe return of the child?? Sorry too far fetched for me. That theory is the same one the British Officer that was seconded to Goncalo’s team in 2007 brought with him and after long discussion was dismissed as ‘ridiculous’ and was not followed further. Where are they going to find these drug dealers now 7 years on?? Are they going to be still wandering around Praia Da Luz waiting for detectives from Scotland Yard that the media have announced are coming?? Errrrmm OK thought about it . . .”NO”.

scotland yard detectives in Praia

Scotland yard detectives in Praia Da Luz

Goncalo Amaral predicted in his last TV interview that the whole Scotland Yard Enquiry will very soon wind down now with no positive outcome and Madeleine will not be found dead or alive and I absolutely agree with him, The police are clearly taking completely the wrong lines of enquiry and well meaning members of the public that are supporting theories that she is dead or worse still supporting The McCann’s are hindering the enquiry because they are not looking for Madeleine. i will be slated by some for me reasoning and some will go to the trouble of picking my posts to pieces but that doesn’t phase me in the slightest I am in absolutely no doubt that Madeleine McCann and Daniel Entwistle are alive and being used as part of a major paedophile ring linked to The Establishment. I have set aside time to work on this case professionally and I will work and blog and report my findings as long as it takes, in conclusion this is what I ideally want to prove:

1: That Madeleine McCann is alive and well and so is Daniel Entwistle

2: To see Daniel reunited with his loving parents that miss him every day

3: To see the people behind these dreadful attrocities where they belong “Behind Bars” especially those evil faced pair of fraudsters Kate & Gerry McCann who have in my opinion used their innocent daughter for monetary gain

Incidentally some of you may not know The Daniel Entwistle case, sadly i do and have reviewed it twice once in 2003 and once last year. His family were working class folk, his dad worked on the railways and his mother was unwell, the loss of their son has destroyed their marriage, they didn’t have The Pope, The Chancellor or a bunch of bent masons to protect them they didn’t need them they are innocent of any crimes. They didn’t have the money for a holiday in The Algarve but their son was never found either, written off as one that never came back. 

daniel Entwistle

Daniel entwistle aged just 7 when he disappeared on 3rd may 2003

I will work every spare moment to do all I can to help the innocent ones and to convict the evil ones anyone want to join me?? Seriously if you agree with my thoughts and want the same things I want or you have sincere information to assist I won’t ask you to comment you can remain anonymous and contact me on an an invisible email address that is 100% secure: 

Anyone who would like to comment or follow me please do so, I love your thoughts and comments but no abusive or foul language please the comments will simply be declined

Until next time. . .Don’t have nightmares stay safe and sleep well





The Story of Me – Late Intro

sherlock with pipe

My fictional hero – Sherlock Holmes, consulting detective

Hello friends, I just thought maybe I should do a little blog about me so as you know who’s blogs & reports you are reading. I was born in Islington, London, England (although I am Greek Cypriot origin). I still live in London and have made my life’s work to study and theorise unsolved crimes and mysteries.

chapel market

Chapel Market, Islington where I grew up

A1, Islington, Greater London, UK

Angel Islington Tube Station

I am a qualified investigative journalist, private investigator & criminologist, I’ve worked in various parts of the world and have covered many stories. I’ve been ‘on location’ at some of the big stories, being at ‘the heart of the action’ so to speak on many occasions. My fascination is unsolved crimes and exposing cases so that people can understand & ultimately help where I can to conclude matters. I have written a theses on “Jack The Ripper”, “Ley Line Murders”, and “Theories of Injustice” so you can see I get pretty passionate about my studies. 

city of london uni

City University London


Jack The Ripper really made news like never before & still keeps armchair sleuths busy today

The cases that really interest and excite my brain just at the moment are:

  • The Madeleine McCann disappearance case
  • The disappearance of Daniel Entwistle in Great Yarmouth
  • Masonic crime
  • The murder of Princess Diana
  • Jack The Ripper

That’s just to name you a few, send me references to any unsolved case and I will happily research it & let you have my theories on it. I would say that I will not guarantee my theories to be absolutely correct but if I give my professional opinion as a ‘resting’ Private Detecttive, then i will take a gamble on my theory being proven & becoming factual evidence. can I just say at this stage that I DO NOT condone the behaviour of nor do I support the work of the organisation known as “Anonymous”. I do like there masks and I have worn one similar on campaign marches, but I am NOT a member. I DO NOT hack computers and I DO NOT hold anyone to ransom at any time. I DO support The ECHR (European Convention of Human Rights) & I will always peacefully campaign to see justice done, but I don’t condone any activity that could harm anyone or any business. I am a white witch / pagan so peace & love are my middle names.


Sherlock at work

I have a saying “The Truth is Far More exciting”, because I truly believe that no matter how hard some one tries the truth will out in the end and as a sleuth / investigative writer I’d much rather see the truth exposed than theories put forward in a case to keep things peaceful. I DO NOT condone anyone in The Media making things up or telling the readers what they want to hear if it’s not the truth. I absolutey despise Police & Establishment cover-ups they really frustrate me and I will work tirelessly to expose the facts.

sherlock sign 

He was my fictional hero, a character I used in growing in my work and research.


Remember that ‘Mainstream Media’ don’t always tell the truth, they are after all controlled by The Establishment so if a journalist has a major expose but it’s not something that The Establishment wants let into the public eye they won’t go to press!!

If you’d like to be a friend or would like to be involved in my work feel free to send me a friend request on Facebook or send me an email:

tube train

I’m off to catch me a tube across this big ole city & meet my other half from college, I hope you’ll leave me a comment or two and please “follow” my blogs. . .Stay safe friends