Madeleine McCann Alive or Dead?

Madeleine McCann Alive or Dead?? –  Alive I Say, To Find Out Why .  .  . Read On

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Madeleine McCann disappeared from a holiday apartment on May 3rd 2007 whilst she was on holiday with her parents, Kate & Gerry McCann. She was “Home alone” at the time except for her two younger siblings, her mother & father were out enjoying drinks and food at the tapas bar at the time. I’m sure I don’t need to tell readers this but.   .   .                    Madeleine was just 3 years old at the time

I have heard many, many arguements and theories suggesting that Madeleine died in an accident in the holiday apartment and Kate & Gerry covered it up and disposed of the body, to she was abducted by “chance burglars” that just happened to be paedophiles, oh did I forget to mention these burglars allegedly broke into the apartment via the bedroom window of the room where 3 small children lay sleeping. Keep in mind Madeleine’s siblings, Sean & Amelie were just 2 years old at the time when Madeleine went missing!! A consultant psychologist has reliably informed me that there is at least an 86% chance a sleeping tot such as the three McCann children will instictively wake up if a stranger enters the room.


Warner Ocean Club Holiday Apartment Complex, where McCann family were holidaying

In the earliest statements given by Kate & Gerry McCann they say that the shutters had been forced open on the children’s bedroom window at apartment 5A of The Ocean Club Site, when the staff of the complex and police established that the shutters were not damaged, Kate changed her statement to say that “the intruders got in through the unlocked front door of the apartment”. Here I ask a question “How did the would-be intruders know the door to the apartment was unlocked”?? “Had they lain in wait watching the apartment, risking being observed”?? or “Did they go to each apartment trying the doors”?? I think not!!

I now hear the little pack that contribute on all the Social Media Network sites such as Facebook groups dedicated to this matter saying “But the PJ Files say that specialist cadaver dogs found evidence of a corpse in Apartment 5A and in a hire car used by Kate & Gerry”. Let me answer that quite simply by saying firstly the complex was used by a great many people and their pets so there has bound to have been another person or animal that died in Apartment 5A over the time of the complex being used so much, by so many.A dog indicates the presence of the scent of a cadaver (corpse) it doesn’t identify it. The whole “Cadaver in the car” bit I just do not buy.  .  .Why?? I’ll tell you why quite simply, because Kate & Gerry did NOT rent the car where the “cadaver” was allegedly found until a good two weeks after Madeleine disappeared. Please cadaver fans.  .  . Don’t come to me and say “The McCanns must have hidden the body for that period, then transported it”!! How the hell could they possibly have done that sucessfully with the biggest police presence in many years, including forensic specialists crawling all over Praia Da Luz??  The dark thinking brigade will slate hell out of me for this because all the online groups have convinced themselves that “Kate & Gerry McCann hid the death of the daughter after an tragic accident in the apartment and disposed of the body” My rather blatant and blunt reply to that       “Rubbish”!!

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Okay enough rambling.  .  .I promised some friends that I’d write this and here it is; I believe Madeleine is alive and was probably sold as part of a Child trafficking paedophile ring. “Who sold her”?? I have my opinion but I’m not foolish enough the give the rich doctors chance to sue me for my writings for putting “A name in the frame” so to speak, I’ll leave that up to you my reader friends.

Let me say one thing to clarify my ramblings and that is absolute FACT.  .  .The police in Portugal would not have dismissed a high ranking police officer with long term service for suggesting that Madeleine died in the apartment in the way everyone is suggesting, if they believed it to be true. The McCann’s lawyers would NOT be trying to sue Goncalo Amaral for one Million Pound if they thought an investigation might prove him to be right.  If that arguement still doesn’t satisfy you then let me tell you one more FACT.  .  .The police are governed by expenses budgets The Chancellor of The Exchequer and The Ministry of Justice wouldn’t be allowing HUGE expenditure sending highly skilled officers to Praia Da Luz to interview suspects if the “Cadaver Theory” held any water. The British authorities are still to this day interviewing people, including some quite high profile paedophiles about “The disappearance of Madeleine McCann”, they recently published articles in the media to say they had spent TEN MILLION POUNDS on the investigation. Surely no-one could believe for even a minute that The British Authorities let alone The Portugese Authorities would spend that kind of money on a search for a little girl if they believed “The Cadaver Theory”.  .  .Of course they wouldn’t!!

I believe that Madeleine left the apartment alive and I believe there is a VERY REAL chance she is still alive somewhere in the world today, a body or remains would almost certainly have turned up by now!!

I hope that Madeleine is found alive I really do.  .  . I will leave you with this thought “If Kate & Gerry and their tapas friends were that concerned about Madeleine and hoping she’d be found (either dead or alive) in Portugal, why do they only go to Portugal to attend the trial of Goncarlo Amaral and not when Scotland Yard Detectives  are out there working hard on their enquiries to “find their daughter Madeleine”??

Incidentally, a keen truth seeker Brenda Leyland just so happened to commit suicide in a hotel because Kate & Gerry didn’t like her tweets.  .  .errrm NO. Brenda was a strong woman that sought justice and was digging for the truth and lobbying various agencies for more action. She had a family that loved her, a beautiful home and dearly loved pets.  .  . I suggest Brenda was “silenced” a high power paedophile ring will do anything to keep their business concealed. I’ll leave it there RIP Brenda, I hope you get justice.

I rest my case, don’t have nightmares.  .  . Do sleep well