The McCann Trial – Mock Court Trial (Film Project)

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Welcome to our latest blog, sorry that it’s been a while but we’ve been extremely busy. Paradox Media & Film Production UK have been asked to manage what promises to become an extremely exciting and somewhat controversial film production.

One of our specialist researchers (Mr Andrearles Manashay) was approached with a view to our becoming involved in this film which will feature a mock Crown court Trial and all it’s proceedings to examine all the different “Theories & Opinions” that have sprung up since three year old Madeleine Mccann disappeared in Praia Da Luz on May 3rd 2007. There have been theories and allegations of allsorts both in mainstream media and through ‘chinese whispers’ all across the world particularly in The UK. Despite many different investigations by both The Portugese Authorities and British Police, including specialists from Scotland Yard the child has never been found

trial pic


The story within…

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Questions The CPS Should Ask Kate McCann – In The Dock!!

Kate McCann, whose daughter Madeleine went missing during a family holiday to Portugal in 2007, attends a news conference at the launch of her book in London

Hello friends, today I’m back looking at Kate McCann’s guilty face, here are some questions I’d like to see her face “In the dock”. . .

  • Why did you leave the twins unattended in the apartment where you believed Madeleine had just been abducted from??  I say it’s because you knew exactly where she was
  • When you burst into the restaurant why did you shout “They’ve taken her” They’ve taken Maddie”??. . .Firstly you had no evidence that she’d been taken & secondly who were ‘They’??
  • At the time of the incident Gordon Brown was Chancellor of the Exchequer, nothing to do with The Foreign Office so why was he the one who pressured The Portugese Police?? Well let’s see. . . He is a Mason & so is Gerry McCann, think that’s “enough said”
  • Why was there no DNA from Madeleine in the apartment?? Surely cuddle cat would have had her DNA on it, even if you’d washed it, DNA lasts for years. . .  don’t think you just washed cuddle cat, I think you replaced it!!! Surely you wouldn’t wash your daughter’s toy when she was missing, it would have her scent on it??? hmmmmm so why did you wash it??
  • Why did you change your statement from “The door was locked” to “The door ‘must’ have been unlocked”?? I’d suggest it was because The Police and complex staff said there was no damage to the the shutters on the window, that you had claimed had been forced.
  • So. . .Why did you say the shutters had been forced?? Shouldn’t you have at least then damaged them to make your story fit?? Not as smart as you think are you Kate??
  • Why didn’t the twins wake up when the “intruders” got in and took Madeleine?? Were they really sleeping that heavily?? They wouldn’t wake up if the scent given off by the person if the room was familiar, such as “Daddy” would they??
  • Why has only 10% of the funds from  your charity money been spent of searching?? Where is the rest of the money?? You live a very comfortable lifestyle don’t you Kate??
  • Why Did The British Government assign a spin doctor to control what was said about you in the media within 24 Hours of Madeleine’s disappearance?? Why would They even get involved considering the child had supposedly been “abducted” in Portugal??
  • What’s all this about “Your children’s perfect genitals” that you talk of in your book?? Is that something a reader wants or needs to know?? Why would you talk about genitals of a missing child? I suggest because you know that Madeleine Beth McCann was sold to paedophiles to be used for sex
  • Why did you bring so much attention to Madeleine’s eye when you were advised that this could lead to her alleged abductors to harm her?? Because you knew she where she was didn’t you??
  • Why on earth would you feel to do a reconstruction?? Surely a distraught parent would want every effort made to find her missing child, “Wouldn’t she”??
  • Why do you immediately start threatening to sue anyone that asks questions or makes an allegation?? Are you gonna try prosecuting me?? Ha ha go on then love!! Can I have my money back that I donated??
  • Why was it 144 days after Madeleine went before the twins were tested?? Why would that be?? Surely it would have been better to do it quicker??
  • Why was there no forensic evidence left in the apartment from an intruder?? However careful most intruders leave a little something!!
  • Why would you go to Portugal for a libel trial where you stood to get a huge compensation, yet you were nowhere to be found when the police were digging for you daughter’s body?? I’d suggest that’s because you knew they wouldn’t find anything and this is all about money
  • Why did the diggers find clothing thought to belong to Maddie, but not her body and why would they find clothes when she would have surely have been in night clothes when she was abducted from her bed??
  • Why on earth did you have an audience with His Holiness The Pope?? Why would that help a missing child to be found?? Particularly when The Vatican is under a huge cloud about it hiding Paedophiles???

I could probably find many more questions but I’m sure this is enough to demonstrate your guilt “Mrs McCann” 

kate Mc


The master question i have for you is the one on many millions of lips. . .”WHERE IS MADELEINE”????

I’ll leave it there for this one folks, if you want to help me with my enquiries please email me. . .

Until next time. . .Be nice to each other, keep your friends close & your enemies closer still


Kate & Gerry; Where’s Maddie??

Kate and Gerry

A question on everybody’s lips since May 2007 “Where’s Maddie McCann”?? Well I know there have been many theories and misleading clues by the wheelbarrow full, so many now that the chances of finding that poor little girl are probably less than 1%. But. . .I do believe that she is alive I truly do. I Don’t accept the theory that Kate & Gerry McCann killed her by accident, ohhhhh no I believe she was sold to a paedophile ring to be used for sexual services. I believe that Gerry McCann was responsible for her disappearance and probably negotiated the sale through his membership of The Masons!!!

In Rothley, Leicestershire there is a very powerful / important masonic temple within The Cout Hotel (Formerly Royal Court Hotel) within the grounds of this is “The very first preceptory” built by The Knights Templar in in AD 1122. The Pope outlawed The Knights Templar during the 13th century for Heresy, some of their members escaped by ship to Scotland and renamed themselves “The Scottish Rite of Freemasonry” as a cover organisation twinned with “The York Rite of Freemasonry”, now simply known as “Freemasons”.

entrance to the ChapelEntrance to The Temple

The lodge in Rothley should NOT be there at all as The Catholic Church still outlaw “The Knights Templar” to this day and thus they are not allowed!! Interestingly enough you have to be an active church member to become a freemason, Gerry McCann is an active catholic!! Whilst we are on this point I think its fair to mention that of all the parents embroiled in major cases of missing children ONLY The McCann’s have had “an audience with his His Holiness The Pope” to discuss the disappearance of their daughter. Now there is a whole subject on it’s own for another blog, let’s just say for now that Pope Benedict XVI ‘retired’ from his papal duties. . .Hmmmmmmm.

Mccanns and popeThe McCann’s meet Pope Benedict XVI

Let’s look at a couple of facts:

  • The McCann’s originally claimed that the shutters on the children’s bedroom window had been forced open and broken, yet The Portugese Police said there was no sign of forced entry. When this happened The McCann’s changed their story sayin “We must have left the patio doors open”
  • The McCann’s statements contradict each other when it comes to whether they were both with Madeleine at tea time on the day she vanished or not.
  • Kate’s statement says that Dr. Payne visited the apartment at 6.30pm on the evening that Madeleine vanished but did NOT enter, in fact left at once. Dr. Payne’s statement contradicts that saying he entered and stayed for 30 minutes or so!!
  • Dr. Mathew Oldfield changed his story saying he checked on the children once, then twice, he also was heard to say “I’ll check on Madeleine for you”, why would he just say Madeleine and not mention the twins?? If that were me I’d have said “I’ll check on your children for you”.
  • When Kate rushed back into the restaurant she shouted “Maddie’s been taken, they’ve taken Maddie (Who are ‘they’ and how could she say Maddie had been taken?? The patio doors were open or at least unlocked, she could have walked out).
  • The McCann’s both said that Madeleine did not like to be called ‘maddie’ yet Kate said “Maddie’s been taken” and the family and friends call her ‘Maddie’ on the family site

maddieMadeleine McCann as she was in 2007

BRITAIN-PORTUGAL-CRIMEGerry & Kate McCann in Portugal

This is just a small part of the evidence I have to offer, I shall be back to share some more very soon and to make my submissions as to where I believe Madeleine McCann is and what happened to her in May 2007.

If you want to contact me or share any more suggestions or evidence with me send me a friend request on Facebook or fire an e-mail into me. . .                                            

I’m all for sharing my feelings and thoughts, always on the trail of more evidence not only for this but similar cases too.

Cheers for taking time out to read this, please leave me a comment below and share my blogs, also hit follow for my next blog. 

Hasta Pronto – See You Soon