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Map of showing Rotherham

What is the true story behind this case?? Is the establishment really expecting us to believe and accept that a huge group of paedophiles just ‘so happened’ to be all in Rotherham and abused all those innocent children??

This is the biggest cover up of many years by The Establishment (IMO) and is looking likely to become the biggest scandal to hit The UK for a long time and I believe this is our best chance to really expose what is truly going on in relation to sexual offending in Britain.

rotherham porn brokers


One of many pawnbrokers in Rotherham one of the few ‘thriving’ businesses 

The evil doers know that this is a desperately poor city with whole communities struggling to put food in the mouths of children, so no matter how dreadful it seems there is a huge door open to ‘paying paedophiles’. I truly believe that it has to have been known for a very long time that these terrible incidents of abuse were going on!! Why then was it all hushed up and hidden for so long?? Come on it doesn’t take a top scientist to work that out. . .Half the powerful abusers have connections to The Establishment!!



Britain’s Houses of Parliament

The late Cyril Smith was an MP for Rochdale and travelled all over abusing children and as Rotherham is just an hour’s drive away (just 51 miles driving distance) so it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to calculate the odds of Smith having had connections to this dreadful situation. Smith is a disgraced paedophile in his past life and if he were alive today would probably be serving the rest of his life behind bars for his involvement in a paedophile ring that has been ‘hushed up’ and has quickly disappeared from the news.

cyril smith


The late Cyril Smith (Former Liberal democrat MP for Rochdale)

I see The Establishment behind this in so many ways but if in no other way they have taken all the investment away from councils in many UK towns and cities, leaving families unemployed, destitute and broken. Desperate parents wanting to feed their families whilst foreign immigrants have taken over lots of communities and thus making for even more unemployment and creating deeper problems.

run down rotherham

Run down streets & closed businesses in Rotherham show the terrible state of the economy there.

Why have There been so many reports sent to social workers in Rotherham yet they have been either completely ignored or the information ‘placed on file’ instead of properly investigated, why?? In my opinion it is because whilst Paedophiles were paying money to abuse children and keeping food and drugs in their carers and sometimes evil parents mouths The Establishment kept their mouths zipped thus avoiding spending money and allowing some of their heirachy to abuse children in a massive way under the cover of foreign paedophiles, the same foreign paedophiles that are living in the homes that should belong to local folk that are ready and willing to work but can’t because either The Government have taken away the industry or allowed immigrants to take over.


Canklow, Rotherham – would you want to live in these rabbit hutches??

Rotherham Social

Rotherham Social Services

I will be writing more on this case as things unfold but I really believe if investigated properly and without anyone ‘shutting the investigative journalists up’ this case could blow a massive hole in the biggest paedophile ring with many, many high profile members that have hidden too long.

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