The McCann Trial – Mock Court Trial (Film Project)

Wow!! Real proud to have been invited to research this with you guys, it’s one of my cases at present and I have loads I can bring you on it. Anyone that wants to e-mail me on it pop a mail in to:

paradox media and film production uk



Welcome to our latest blog, sorry that it’s been a while but we’ve been extremely busy. Paradox Media & Film Production UK have been asked to manage what promises to become an extremely exciting and somewhat controversial film production.

One of our specialist researchers (Mr Andrearles Manashay) was approached with a view to our becoming involved in this film which will feature a mock Crown court Trial and all it’s proceedings to examine all the different “Theories & Opinions” that have sprung up since three year old Madeleine Mccann disappeared in Praia Da Luz on May 3rd 2007. There have been theories and allegations of allsorts both in mainstream media and through ‘chinese whispers’ all across the world particularly in The UK. Despite many different investigations by both The Portugese Authorities and British Police, including specialists from Scotland Yard the child has never been found

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The story within…

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