Cliff Richard Scandal – BBC What Are You Up Too??

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Okay Aunty BBC what are you up to?? What on earth possessed you to go poking around in the early days of a serious police enquiry so much so that you could have compromised the investigation??

South Yorkshire police have sent a letter of complaint to The Director General of The BBC after they potentially compromised the investigation into a sex crime that allegedly took place in the 1980’s. The corporation caused a bit of a sensation when they broadcast coverage of the raid on Sir Cliff Richard’s Berkshire home including film footage of the police actually carrying out the raid.

By all accounts an undercover reporter had discovered the police’s ongoing “Top Secret” investigation. How did a reporter come to have access to such sensitive information?? Either the police’s records need to be protected far more securely or there is a leak in the force somewhere, whichever of these is true it is serious in my opinion, if a reporter can infiltrate a “top secret” investigation involving a celebrity then he or she can certainly uncover ongoing police enquiries into the every day man on the street, so we the public have no right to privacy or confidentiality, contrary to Article 8 of The European Convention of Human Rights Act 1998.

south yorks plod

A shocking statement from South Yorkshire Police issued on 16th August 2014 it was reported that The Police were ‘somewhat reluctant’ to cooperate with The BBC but felt that if they didn’t The BBC would run the story anyway thus compromising the investigation. The force admits striking up an agreement that would allow The BBC to be informed ‘exclusively’ of the raid on Sir Cliff’s penthouse in exchange for an agreement that publication of the story could be delayed. The BBC then broadcast live from the scene of the raid, Sir Cliff Richard strongly denies the allegations has said that he was very angry that The BBC was given exclusive knowledge of the raids, blackening his character un-necessarily.

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So what’s going on?? Why did The BBC take such unprecedented action?? Why would they risk having their name dragged through the mud for the sake of a news story?? Are they that desperate for a story??  I hardly think so when half the world is at war with one another!! I believe that The BBC were pressed by an unknown source, probably a Government spin doctor to broadcast the story to avert public attention from something much more serious (Of course the media will now be kept busy for some days with “The Cliff Richard saga”).

The police have said that they are disappointed in the failure on the part of The BBC to even declare that the original source of the information was NOT the police!! Okay so next question, if the police didn’t give The BBC their original tip off then who the hell did?? I personally agree with the comments of Conservative MP for North West Leicestershire Andrew Bridgen when he said “What The BBC has done amounts to no more than blackmail”. 

andrew bridgen mp 

Andrew Bridgen MP 

I have to agree that there should be an open public enquiry into exactly what happened to allow The BBC to potentially compromise a police enquiry and release information that could be damaging to what is more than likely an innocent man’s character!!

In my mind this is a cover up for something much more sinister, otherwise a huge corporation like The BBC would not put their heads in a noose, so what was hidden on that day last week?? If anyone knows the answer please e-mail;

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My Hero Sherlock Holmes

The televised police raid broke all the rules on contact between police and the press, but still the question remains WHY??? The BBC have already had a huge portion of “Egg on the face” over the whole Jimmy Saville scandal so why make it worse?? What were they going to achieve?? What is this hidden link to Portugal?? Sir Cliff just ‘happened’ to be there when his home in The UK was raided, The Prime Minister David Cameron ‘happened’ to be on holiday there when he was recalled to England to deal with a conflict in Iraq and The McCann’s just ‘happened’ to be holidaying there when their 3yr old daughter Madeleine was apparently abducted!!!


Sir Cliff Richard in Portugal at the time his UK home was raided

david cameron

David Cameron (Prime Minister) on holiday recently in Portugal

kate and gerry

Kate & Gerry McCann’s daughter was allegedly abducted from Portugal

Why have BBC radio bosses sent e-mails to all of their dj’s instructing them to remove all Cliff Richard material from their playlist?? Why has a scheduled screening on August bank holiday Monday of Cliff’s movie “Summer Holiday” been pulled?? He’s not been arrested, interviewed or charged with any offence at this stage!! Surely this is assuming someone’s guilt isn’t it?? 


Shaun Wright, labour police and crime commissioner is rumoured to be taking things very seriously and has ordered his chief executive & lawyer to draw up a timeline of the whole matter so that he can review it fully, to decide what action to take, I for one hope he takes some serious steps as The BBC could have done a great deal of harm to the future of criminal investigations and to the reputation of investigative journalists / researchers like me. I for one want to know what is behind this foolish action!!

A police source said that they felt pressured to investigate differently to the way they otherwise would ” it is totally unacceptable to brief the media prior to an investigation without the condition that there will be no media coverage until the police have been to an address and secured it”

Do you have any ideas as the why this happened?? What is being hidden from our view by this almost ‘urgent exposure’ of this enquiry?? If you want to discuss this or give your opinion please “Comment” below or email me;

Thanks for reading the evidence “It’s elementary my dear Watson”

See you all again soon friends