Was Edward Howard Maps Innocent??

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A new twist in the Christine Maps murder investigation leads me to ask the question was Edward Howard Maps innocent of the murder of his Wife Christine & baby daughter Julia on 21st January 1962 in Stroudsburg, USA. Let me lay the evidence before you and see what you think.  .  .

Facts: Edward Howard Maps has long been sought as the lead suspect in the arson and violent murders of his wife Christine Maps and his baby daughter Julia Maps. It was alleged that 38 year old Edward bludgeoned his 22yr old wife on the night in question and set up to 10 fires in their home at 510 Sarah Street, Stroudsburg.

The investigation into this notorious case has always been riddled with circumstantial evidence, with the only real damming evidence against Edward Howard Maps being the fact that he disappeared at the same time as the fire / murders took place, other than that there has never been much to actual pin the crime firmly on him.

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An article in The Herald Tribune of Passaic-Clifton, New Jersey (Maps Hometown) showed that Edward had no motive for the crimes, neither did he have anything at all to gain from it. James Marsh was district attorney for Monroe County and told the newspaper that he really believed Maps was really uncomfortable in his marriage and found menial tasks such as paying the mortgage a real burden after so many years of what Marsh described as “a carefree existence”, but let’s face it Maps could have just simply walked away and started a new life someplace else, so why would he set fires inside a house then close all the windows and doors of the property thus depriving the fire of oxygen so as the house was not seriously damaged and the badly beaten body of Christine Maps would be found?It just doesn’t add up.

During their investigations The State Police uncovered details of Map’s in-laws marital problems which were never released to the general public possibly to save them embarrassment, of course today the police would investigate the Wolbach’s domestic matters if it could have even the slightest link to the enquiry.

To give you a bit of background, before his marriage Edward Howard Maps lived a very relaxed and somewhat simple life, he was an artist and sculptor and never had any sort of regular employment. He lived his life a bit “Beatnik style” and wore sandals even in the depth of winter. 


Edward Howard Maps – 1962

A report published just one day after the fire said.  .  . “He is a complete sponger, lazy, insolent and nasty, is not friends with any past acquaintances & anyone that has ever known him does not speak well of him”. The witer of the report made a much more suprising yet major statement about the 38 year old husband / father saying “Quite sure he is homosexual”, what led the reporter to say this we may never know. Despite this report when friends of Edward’s were interviewed they told a completely different story they described him as Kind, Gentle, intelligent and a lover of animals, he skated in the streets with friend’s children, he collected arrowheads, fossils and American Indian artifacts in the Buskhill area near The Delaware River. Just a month before the fire Edward cared for a critically ill neighbour on Sarah Street so that the man’s wife could go to work, Edward visited every day until the neighbour died. 

Now an interesting point, a local grocer (62 year old and of excellent reputation) told investigators that “it was his opinion that someone could possibly have been hired by Edward Map’s father-in-law  to commit the crimes on that fateful night. The grocer went on to say he felt Maps could well have been murdered and his body could well have been weighted and lying at the bottom of a river somewhere nearby. 

On the night of the fire Edward & Christine Maps had taken the baby to visit a neighbour at around 8.30pm and took an apple pie to her. The neighbour knew Christine’s father Robert Wolbach and she mentioned that she had received a letter from him recently. When interviewed the neighbour reported that Maps had said “I hope that Robert doesn’t come up and make any trouble for us tonight”, the couple left at 9.05pm to put the baby to bed.  The fire was reported at 10.48pm so what happened in that one hour and forty minutes to make the happy couple’s situation change so much that Maps would batter her almost to death, set 10 fires and leave so well as to make tracing him so impossible?? That is one of the questions I want to answer in this cold case, so if you have any ideas or thoughts.  .  . PLEASE GET IN TOUCH!!

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I really believe that this case can be solved and I really believe that Edward Howard Maps may well have been innocent of the crimes that he was alleged to have committed and I would love to prove it.

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Christine maps Murder Case – Cold Case Review

maps murder case

Hello friends, firstly sincere apologies for not posting for some time I have been inundated with work and research, so even sleep has been somewhat limited. Now I come to appeal for information / assistance in a cold case review.

We are currently working on a “really cold case” reinvestigating the murder of Christine Maps and her baby daughter Julia at 510 Sarah Street in Stroudsbourg USA on January 21st 1962. It is alleged that Mr. Edward Howard Maps (Christine Map’s husband) set as many as 10 different fires in the house after violently attacking Christine and leaving her for dead. When Firefighters arrived at the scene at around 10:45pm; they found baby Julia already dead from smoke inhalation on a wicker seat and Christine some 15 feet away on the kitchen floor curled into a fetal position, unconscious and almost dead. She had been badly beaten, had suffered a fractured skull and cerebal hemorrhage she was taken to hopsital but died a few hours later, Edward Howard Maps was never found

maps case 1

The wicker seat where baby Julia was found

It would seem that quite some time had elapsed before the search for Edward Maps really got under way and he had clearly made a good get-away. Rookie cop Bentzoni was the first on the scene and carried baby Julia in his arms to the hospital said “The police & fire service quickly realised that the fires were deliberately set and once the fires were out began to search for Edward Howard Maps, but he was not found. Incidentally the fires never really took hold as all the windows and doors of the house were closed and locked so with lack of oxygen there was a great deal more smoke than flames.

Interestingly Edward Map’s cars were both found in the garage adjacent to the house with the keys in their respective ignitions, and his passport, stocks, bonds & bank books were all left behind in the partially burned house. Police searched the surrounding streets of Stroudsburg and area municipalities. Local cab companies reported no calls for rides that night and no buses passed through Stroudsburg or nearby East Stroudsburg. Police believe that Edward escaped through the woodlands of rural Monroe County. State game protectors were called to assist the state police in searching woods and hunting cabins of The Pocono Mountains, The FBI also joined the search yet Edward Howard Maps was never found. There was only one confirmed sighting of him after that in August 1962 in Little Falls, New Jersey, USA when he was witnessed taking part in a robbery at The Little Falls NJ Savings Bank, located just 5 miles from where Maps was born, where $3,000 were stolen, that was the last ever sighting of him.


On 17th February 1967 an article was published in Life Magazine of a guy whose description matched Edward Howard Map’s almost exactly as you can see from the picture below. The magazine names him as “Ed Sanders” but it is thought by one of our contacts in The U.S. that Maps may have fled to England as part of an art movement (he was an artist / musician). “Ed Sanders” was in a band called ‘Fugs’ so things do seem to become more and more mysterious.

Ed S 23031975

This is “Ed Sanders” in 1975, see the likeness??

Ed Sanders

The cover of Life Magazine published on 17th February 1967 featuring “Ed Sanders” or “Edward Maps”


The band “Fugs” fronted by Ed / Edward

The FBI allegedly contacted the authorities in England but nothing apparently came of it and in December 1967 they removed Maps from their most wanted lists, they announced that Maps was thought to be dead in 1971 but no grave has been identified and as far as we can ascertain there has never been a body identified as him. We do have reasons to believe that Edward Howard Maps may well have made his way to London and as he ran around with younger artists and musicians there may well be people that are still alive today that knew of Edward Howard Maps, assuming that he is dead of course (If alive he would be 90 years old now).

Just for background Edward Howard Maps joined the United States Marines aged 18 – 19 years old but wasnot in long due to a psychological condition being diagnosed possibly attributed to his wartime service, he may well have been schozophrenic or suffered from PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder).

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