What Happened to Innocent Until Proven Guilty?


According to The Human Rights Act 1998 we are “Innocent until PROVEN guilty” and that guilt MUST be proved by a court of law where we have the absolute right to defend our rights and innocence.

Human rights

We have a right to a fair trial and no punishment without law, if accused of a crime we have the right to hear and defend evidence against us in a court of law. In Article 6 of The Human Rights Act 1998 it says “In the determination of civil rights and obligations or of any criminal charge against a person everyone is entitled to a fair and public hearing within a reasonable time by an independent and impartial tribunal established by law”, so WHY THE HELL ARE THE PAPERS SLATING PEOPLE THAT HAVE MERELY BEEN QUESTIONED ABOUT AN “ALLEGED” CRIME????????????? Just today the media has posted stories that Neil “Dr” Fox has been arrested for alleged historic sexual offences and the papers are already trying to label him a paedophile and sexual predator!!!

DJ-Neil-Fox DJ Neil “Dr” Fox 

Article 6 also sets out a number of specific rights which apply to criminal defendants, such as the presumed innocence until after trial and conviction, The right to be represented by a solicitor / Barrister of our own choice and the right to cross examine witnesses against us. Once again the question comes up; “How can a person have a fair trial if the case against them has been spread throughout the media prior to trial”? Of course it’s impossible as the jurors of the trial and members of the public will all have been ‘brainwashed’ by the press and their garbage!!

leveson_0 The Leveson Enquiry

Surely The Leveson Enquiry should have put a stop to all of this media broadcasting and publishing stuff before trial shouldn’t it?? But it hasn’t of course!!

The Sun      the-people-newspaper

The Gutter Press love to slate someone and put their name through the mud long before any trial and certainly well before any conviction. Even when a court have heard the trial and either a jury have pronounced the accused “Not Guilty” or if the verdict has been that of “Guilty” then the judge has passed sentence the press will either say “Oh he was guilty, but the CPS didn’t present the case well enough to secure a conviction” or they will say “The sentence wasn’t long enough”. What the hell is wrong with the media and gutter press readers?? The courts declare a person “Not Guilty” and discharge them or “Guilty” and pass sentence and still they bang on!! I hereby ask that the media should be silenced when someone has been arrested until a trial has heard the case in open court thus the accused persons might just get a fair trial and the correct verdict!


Let justice be done without interruption or unreasonable influence then have the grace to accept a verdict regardless of what it may be once a trial is over, that’s my feeling

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Celebrity Witch-Hunt’s Out of Hand??

DJ – Neil “Dr” Fox arrested on allegations of ‘historic sexual offences’. . .


Just how ridiculous is this?? Dave Lee Travis (DLT) has just come to the end of his latest trial on very similar allegations and already Neil Fox is arrested, where are these celebrity witch hunts going to end?? When will someone speak up and put a spanner in the workings of the infamous CPS??.


Please readers don’t come to me saying “Oh but these innocent women were scared to come forward for all these years because I really do NOT buy it, there are two reasons in my mind whilst these investigations have suddenly become popular. Firstly there are a bunch of crooked women out there that are “on the make” financially and stand to make a good chunk of money from ‘The Criminal Compensation Bureau’ if the celeb in question are convicted for the alleged crimes. Secondly a much deeper reasoning is to take the heat off the ‘real’ paedophiles much higher up the chain in the establishment. 

Before you start ranting and raving I AM NOT  in any way supporting paedophiles or any other form of sexual offender, so don’t even bother with such a comment!!! Anyone that supports that behaviour should be shot!!!


Neil “Dr” Fox is just one of many that have been arrested since the allegations came to light in regard to ‘Operation Yewtree’ and ultimately Jimmy Saville, let’s not forget that even Saville is dead and therefore we CANNOT possibly say catergorically that he did or didn’t commit the crimes it is alleged that he did. Whilst Police say Fox has not been arrested in connection with ‘Operation Yewtree’ it is nonetheless historical sexual offence allegations that he is being spoken to about. Recently we have seen Dave Lee Travis, Sir Cliff Richard, Rolf Harris, William Roache and several more celebrities all charged with similar crimes and I am satisfied that they are ALL innocent except for one that being Max Clifford who was clearly a serial offender.


Disgraced DJ Dave Lee Travis “The hairy cornflake” Recently wrongly convicted of historic sexual offences


Sir Cliff Richard – Recently questioned by police in connection with historic sexual offences. So far no charges have been put to the singer and he vehemently denies any allegations against him. I believe the whole thing was done to bring ‘drama’ to The news as Police notified The BBC of the planned raids before they happened, despite legal rulings in The Leveson Enquiry and The Police are now subject to an enquiry.


Coronation Street star William Roache faced a trial for alleged ‘Historical Sexual Offences’ at Preston Crown Court just a few months ago, he was also acquitted!! Why was he acquitted?? Quite simple he didn’t do it!!!! Once again a guy works hard, makes a succesful life and faces trial for nothing, costing us the taxpayer massive amounts of money so that greedy women could try to gain a large sum of money whilst ruining a celebrity life and reputation, when is someone going to stop this nonsense??

Readers I seriously urge you to put pen to paper or fire off emails and ask The Prime Minister and his so called Government to call a halt to these celebrity witch-hunts and start admitting that his establishment is where the serious paedophiles live!!!

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