The Story of Me – Late Intro

sherlock with pipe

My fictional hero – Sherlock Holmes, consulting detective

Hello friends, I just thought maybe I should do a little blog about me so as you know who’s blogs & reports you are reading. I was born in Islington, London, England (although I am Greek Cypriot origin). I still live in London and have made my life’s work to study and theorise unsolved crimes and mysteries.

chapel market

Chapel Market, Islington where I grew up

A1, Islington, Greater London, UK

Angel Islington Tube Station

I am a qualified investigative journalist, private investigator & criminologist, I’ve worked in various parts of the world and have covered many stories. I’ve been ‘on location’ at some of the big stories, being at ‘the heart of the action’ so to speak on many occasions. My fascination is unsolved crimes and exposing cases so that people can understand & ultimately help where I can to conclude matters. I have written a theses on “Jack The Ripper”, “Ley Line Murders”, and “Theories of Injustice” so you can see I get pretty passionate about my studies. 

city of london uni

City University London


Jack The Ripper really made news like never before & still keeps armchair sleuths busy today

The cases that really interest and excite my brain just at the moment are:

  • The Madeleine McCann disappearance case
  • The disappearance of Daniel Entwistle in Great Yarmouth
  • Masonic crime
  • The murder of Princess Diana
  • Jack The Ripper

That’s just to name you a few, send me references to any unsolved case and I will happily research it & let you have my theories on it. I would say that I will not guarantee my theories to be absolutely correct but if I give my professional opinion as a ‘resting’ Private Detecttive, then i will take a gamble on my theory being proven & becoming factual evidence. can I just say at this stage that I DO NOT condone the behaviour of nor do I support the work of the organisation known as “Anonymous”. I do like there masks and I have worn one similar on campaign marches, but I am NOT a member. I DO NOT hack computers and I DO NOT hold anyone to ransom at any time. I DO support The ECHR (European Convention of Human Rights) & I will always peacefully campaign to see justice done, but I don’t condone any activity that could harm anyone or any business. I am a white witch / pagan so peace & love are my middle names.


Sherlock at work

I have a saying “The Truth is Far More exciting”, because I truly believe that no matter how hard some one tries the truth will out in the end and as a sleuth / investigative writer I’d much rather see the truth exposed than theories put forward in a case to keep things peaceful. I DO NOT condone anyone in The Media making things up or telling the readers what they want to hear if it’s not the truth. I absolutey despise Police & Establishment cover-ups they really frustrate me and I will work tirelessly to expose the facts.

sherlock sign 

He was my fictional hero, a character I used in growing in my work and research.


Remember that ‘Mainstream Media’ don’t always tell the truth, they are after all controlled by The Establishment so if a journalist has a major expose but it’s not something that The Establishment wants let into the public eye they won’t go to press!!

If you’d like to be a friend or would like to be involved in my work feel free to send me a friend request on Facebook or send me an email:

tube train

I’m off to catch me a tube across this big ole city & meet my other half from college, I hope you’ll leave me a comment or two and please “follow” my blogs. . .Stay safe friends