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Friends I just wanted to share briefly with you that a fellow wordpress blogger has been sending me messages demanding that I take down a reblog of one of her blogs as she believes I am “using it to make money” errrm NO!! I don’t think so. I have my own business and website to do just that. 

I am not one to complain or pick holes in other people but seriously??? A blogger that claims to campaign for justice asking me to remove a post or be charged for copywrite hahahahahaha I am crying with laughter.

I am now forced to question this persons blogs validity and question why she would behave in such a way!!


Baby Drinks WKD



A friend of mine sent this picture of her neighbour’s grandchild, taken in Cheltenham UK. I have of course advised her to contact Social Services to submit a report. People forget that behaviour like this is child abuse just as much as Physical, Sexual or Emotional abuse, this child could end up with alcohol poisoning!!

I am known to fight the authorities but on this occasion I fully support a report of “Risk of Abuse” and I hope that the person that gave the alcohol to this little child will find themselves enjoying a good few plates of prison food.

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Why keep Abuse in Local Authority Establishments Hidden??

Why would anyone want to stop a case being reviewed if it means victims getting justice??


As many of you know I am a consultant researcher and campaigner for justice and will always expose actions that show up as “questionable”. Now recently my business have been making enquiries and undertaking research into a quite famous child abuse case at Forde Park Approved School in the 1970’s and 80’s and we posted a request for information in order that further data could be gathered and verified with a view to getting justice for the victims/ survivors. Naturally we expected people such as survivors to come forward as well as family and friends to help to bring those responsible and those that have spent years covering things up to justice. Can you imagine my suprise and disgust when I saw folk posting comments suggesting that the company was “dodgy” and strongly recommending that those that could assist us gave us a “wide berth”!!!!

Keep It Real

All I can assume for the actions that I have mentioned are three things:

1. A limited education of those concerned

2. Jealousy at not being the ones appointed to do the job, mind you the “misguided” even suggested that there was no client that had instructed the organisation, so why would we be working to help reveal the truth if there was no client? Do they imagine that we operate for free or just for the sake of it??


3. NO!! The truth is because those that are trying to obstruct us have a hidden agenda and do not want us to uncover the truth!!! 

I have advice for those concerned.  .  .


Got the message?? Good when I work on something and get my teeth in something I don’t let go easily and as I do not need any license to research the matter there is no one that will stop my team and I from exposing the truth in the enquiry that I have mentioned here or many other matters!!

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