Missing Boy Daniel Joseph Entwistle – A Twist in the Tale

Missing Daniel’s Father A Paedophile – The Truth is Out

daniel missing

On Saturday May 3rd 2003 seven year old Daniel Joseph Entwistle vanished from his home town of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk UK, he has never been found thus far. It is my opinion that there are many unanswered questions and the whole case was rapidly put on a back burner by Norfolk Police. I have considered various reasons for the obvious cover – up but now I have the answer to at least some of the questions that have run around my head since 2003.  .  . Daniel’s father (David Entwistle) is a convicted paedophile yet at the time of the disappearance he was living with his then wife (Paula) and three children!! You could say                                                “SOMEONE MESSED UP BIG TIME”.

Daniel was last seen playing in Copperfield Avenue, Great Yarmouth after visiting the local shop, although what he bought there is a little misty, varying statements have suggested, baby milk, a baby’s bottle and even sweets. One of the most unusual was a suggestion that the little lad went to the shop with 50p in his pocket to buy sweets, but he didn’t buy any. The strange twist to that is Daniel was apparently a great lover of “sweeties” and always bought them when he had money. His Grandad (Keith) told me that “Daniel would try to get a pound’s worth of sweets for 50p if he could get away with it and there is no way that daniel would have left the shop without sweets if he had money”

daniel in shop

I just want justice for that little boy, I’ve heard all the theories that he may have fallen into the tidal River Yare and been swept out to sea, yet despite a massive search by Police & Costguards and even with the passing of time Daniel nor any evidence of his falling into that river has ever been found.

What grieves me is that all these years that have passed no-one, not even The Police or Social Services bothered to mention that this little boy’s father (who in my opinion played his part so well) had been convicted of sexual offences against an 11 year old girl in Lancashire in 1986!!! I hear you saying “You’ve lost the plot this time Andre”, well sorry friends but “No I haven’t & here is the evidence”


newspaper 1

My thanks to Keith Dutton for allowing me to post these articles from the archives of The Lancashire Evening Telegraph from 1986. This child has been missing for over 11 years now and no one bothered to notice or inform anyone of this “Extremely Important Factor”, so my regular readers will already know what my question is.  .  . “WHY”?? This whole case has been a cover-up from the outset and I think Mr David Entwistle knows more that ne leads us to believe.

channel 5

I feel it is worth mentioning that recently Channel 5 Television were putting out  a programme about the missing child Madeleine McCann and invited David Entwistle to speak on the show as he was a “victim” himself with his son having been missing for so long. Unluckily for them Daniel’s grandfather Keith found out and contacted them advising them that they should have run a “CRB CHECK” on Entwistle before entering him for the show. Strangely the show was pulled as was an interview that had been scheduled on Breakfast TV now Channel 5 have blocked Keith Dutton and Myself from commenting on their pages and have taken the information about the show down!!

My friends this case is (In my opinion) very, very serious let’s not forget that on exactly the same date, just four years later Madeleine McCann vanished whislt on holiday in Praia Da Luz on The Algarve with her parents (Kate & Gerry McCann). Is the date a coincidence?? I really don’t think so, there has to be a link and I intend to find it. This case and many others like it have been hidden, with children being forgotten for far too long and many particulaly this one needs to be looked into properly. Daniel’s mummy and family need answers and so do many, many more parents all over the place so cover-ups by the authorities and the establishment jsut aren’t acceptable.



Please don’t fob me off with the suggestion that they are dead, because I just don’t buy it!!!

Friends I will close this post with a message for David Entwistle.  .  . We WILL get to to the bottom of things and we WILL expose the truth whatever that may be.

David E

This is David Entwistle as he looks now, please DO NOT use this post as a reason to harm him in any way, physically or otherwise, PLEASE, PLEASE LEAVE THE PROFESSIONALS TO DO THEIR JOBS LEGALLY.

Remember you can contact me in person by e-mail:  andrearlesmanashayphd@gmail.com

or my business e-mails are: newchapterinvestigations@hushmail.com    or    newchapterinvestigations@outlook.com

That’s all for this time friends.  .  . Please don’t have nightmares, do sleep well


19 thoughts on “Missing Boy Daniel Joseph Entwistle – A Twist in the Tale

  1. I lived in the same estate as Daniel and remember this like it was yesterday. We helped search for him and also helped the police with their enquiries. I was only 14/15 when it happened but remember him well. He was a very quiet boy, who got picked on a bit at the park,he adored his brother and wasn’t seen often without him, I do not believe for one second he fell into the river as Daniel wouldn’t of wandered all that way on his own. Somebody knows something and I think the answers are closer to home than ppl think. I think of that lovely little boy often and just prayer he is at peace wherever he is. I saw him the day before his disappearance at the local park and he was playing and being the shy quiet boy as always. It’s time to find answers for his mum and family!


    • Thank you for your lovely words, if you have any information at all that you feel relevant to the continuation of our enquiry, please feel free to e-mail us at any time. We will be visiting the area in due course to meet folk connected. I feel a book would be worthwhile to raise awareness of missing Daniel and other children similar


  2. I got told it was all to do with the two old men who died together in there garage in gt yarmouth,iv forgot tjere names but will ask my friend,these 2 guys where pediphiles and had been abusing a guy who decided to take revenge and blckmail them bth and in tje end they couldnt handle it and killed themselfs


    • Totally agree with your comments and respect for asking for proof of conviction. You would not believe how much Entwistle seems to be protected. I was on the phone to norfolk police, who, initially told me of Entwistle’s conviction yesterday and although you would have thought the FOI act would pave the way for access, it is at the police discretion to release it. May I also say, that at the time of the police telling me of his conviction, they also went on to threaten me with prosecution should I go public with what they have told me. The only proof of conviction we have at hand at this moment is the FACT that both Channel 5 and the ITV ‘This Morning’ show’s the producers decided to pull their programmes both of Wednesday 19/11/2014 through pressure from me. Now, they have their ways of getting the information, ways that the ordinary man in the street, don’t have. They may have got the information from the relevant authorities and been threatened the same as I was I don’t know but what I will ask is that you think long and hard and ask yourselves this. If my statements are not true, then why would the TV companies have pulled their programmes?

      Keith Dutton, Daniels granddad.

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      • Thanks for your comments Keith, there is no reason for your word to be doubted it is just frustrating that we can’t seem to get that one shred of evidence. The question is why are the authorities so desperate to keep this info hidden? After all it is not like we aren’t going to find the evidence ourselves. Looks like one big cover up after another


  3. Just in reply to the net about the men that owned the garage , the police informed my sister that they were looking into possibilies it could be connect , no evidence was found to support this tho , most of what people heard around town about connections to these peaodophile were rumours not fact , the police found nothing x


    • We need to look at all angles though Carli. If someone has missed something, even just a small clue or tip anything could be useful, I am very pleased with any contact from anyone offering a tit-bit of information x


  4. I remember this day very well, I lived on south quey at the time, so close to where the little lad’s bike was apparently found, we never had the police knocking on our door making enquires!


  5. http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/67663


    Lets get Daniel Joseph Entwistle family the answers they deserves

    Responsible department: Home Office

    It’s about time we united to help Daniel Joseph Entwistle family get the answers they deserve if we all could Sign this petition to ask why Daniel Joseph Entwistle family from Great Yarmouth has not been given the same media as other children .And get them to look into this and help .There should be no excuses they need to explain why this child has not been afforded the same publicity & support as other children Daniel Joseph Entwistle was 7years old when he disappeared from near his home at Copperfield Ave, Great Yarmouth on Saturday 3 May 2003 He remains a missing person to this day.


  6. I lived very close to where he was reported to have disappeared at the time and was told that he was basically feral. Allegedly the parents lived in the pub and he ran the streets while they were out. I was told they were in the pub all day he went missing and only realised he had gone when they got home later that night.
    Don’t know if true but was told this by a number of people.


  7. I hope justice comes very soon for Daniels mum and family, this is scandalous how many things seem to be being covered up by authorities. The internet can be a powerful tool is used in the right manner. I will be following this closely


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