Missing Boy Daniel Joseph Entwistle – A Twist in the Tale

Missing Daniel’s Father A Paedophile – The Truth is Out

daniel missing

On Saturday May 3rd 2003 seven year old Daniel Joseph Entwistle vanished from his home town of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk UK, he has never been found thus far. It is my opinion that there are many unanswered questions and the whole case was rapidly put on a back burner by Norfolk Police. I have considered various reasons for the obvious cover – up but now I have the answer to at least some of the questions that have run around my head since 2003.  .  . Daniel’s father (David Entwistle) is a convicted paedophile yet at the time of the disappearance he was living with his then wife (Paula) and three children!! You could say                                                “SOMEONE MESSED UP BIG TIME”.

Daniel was last seen playing in Copperfield Avenue, Great Yarmouth after visiting the local shop, although what he bought there is a little misty, varying statements have suggested, baby milk, a baby’s bottle and even sweets. One of the most unusual was a suggestion that the little lad went to the shop with 50p in his pocket to buy sweets, but he didn’t buy any. The strange twist to that is Daniel was apparently a great lover of “sweeties” and always bought them when he had money. His Grandad (Keith) told me that “Daniel would try to get a pound’s worth of sweets for 50p if he could get away with it and there is no way that daniel would have left the shop without sweets if he had money”

daniel in shop

I just want justice for that little boy, I’ve heard all the theories that he may have fallen into the tidal River Yare and been swept out to sea, yet despite a massive search by Police & Costguards and even with the passing of time Daniel nor any evidence of his falling into that river has ever been found.

What grieves me is that all these years that have passed no-one, not even The Police or Social Services bothered to mention that this little boy’s father (who in my opinion played his part so well) had been convicted of sexual offences against an 11 year old girl in Lancashire in 1986!!! I hear you saying “You’ve lost the plot this time Andre”, well sorry friends but “No I haven’t & here is the evidence”


newspaper 1

My thanks to Keith Dutton for allowing me to post these articles from the archives of The Lancashire Evening Telegraph from 1986. This child has been missing for over 11 years now and no one bothered to notice or inform anyone of this “Extremely Important Factor”, so my regular readers will already know what my question is.  .  . “WHY”?? This whole case has been a cover-up from the outset and I think Mr David Entwistle knows more that ne leads us to believe.

channel 5

I feel it is worth mentioning that recently Channel 5 Television were putting out  a programme about the missing child Madeleine McCann and invited David Entwistle to speak on the show as he was a “victim” himself with his son having been missing for so long. Unluckily for them Daniel’s grandfather Keith found out and contacted them advising them that they should have run a “CRB CHECK” on Entwistle before entering him for the show. Strangely the show was pulled as was an interview that had been scheduled on Breakfast TV now Channel 5 have blocked Keith Dutton and Myself from commenting on their pages and have taken the information about the show down!!

My friends this case is (In my opinion) very, very serious let’s not forget that on exactly the same date, just four years later Madeleine McCann vanished whislt on holiday in Praia Da Luz on The Algarve with her parents (Kate & Gerry McCann). Is the date a coincidence?? I really don’t think so, there has to be a link and I intend to find it. This case and many others like it have been hidden, with children being forgotten for far too long and many particulaly this one needs to be looked into properly. Daniel’s mummy and family need answers and so do many, many more parents all over the place so cover-ups by the authorities and the establishment jsut aren’t acceptable.



Please don’t fob me off with the suggestion that they are dead, because I just don’t buy it!!!

Friends I will close this post with a message for David Entwistle.  .  . We WILL get to to the bottom of things and we WILL expose the truth whatever that may be.

David E

This is David Entwistle as he looks now, please DO NOT use this post as a reason to harm him in any way, physically or otherwise, PLEASE, PLEASE LEAVE THE PROFESSIONALS TO DO THEIR JOBS LEGALLY.

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can the bully be beaten

We are tired of bullies and we intend to expose them!!!!! Will you join us?? If you answered “yes” then please read on my friends.  .  .

I am pleased to announce that my family and friends are forming a campaign committee to expose and call for an end to bullying across the world. Bullying should in my opinion be made a criminal offence, after all it destroys victims lives, leads to dreadful acts such as self-harming, suicide attempts & ultimately death. I have contact with several family members and friends that have been bullied and I am personal witness to them struggling with their lives even much later on. 

The young woman that has inspired us to form this organisation was a victim of horrific bullying during her school years and although she is now an adult woman, is engaged to be married and running a business with her fiance she still suffers dreadful nightmares, feels very insecure about her looks, abilities and struggles to accept praise and compliments. During her adolescent years she resorted to “cutting” as a form of release from the constant pressure and fear of her bullies. 

lou at gate

Amy Lou Ashman, The lady that has inspired “STOP THE BULLY – CALL FOR ACTION”. A beautiful young woman that definitely did NOT deserve to be bullied!!! She is a plus – sized female that merely had the desire to learn in school but was hindered by vicious thugs that thought it was okay to constantly harrass and pressure a fellow pupil to the point of hurling her into a ditch full of muddy sludge, stealing her shoes and leaving her bleeding, scared and alone. Why did those animals choose to do such horrible things?? Well because she was a little bit bigger built than them and because she wanted to learn, not muck about at school!!!!! Did the police take action?? Well yes they did in that they went and placed an order on the bullies that stopped them from contacting Amy until they were 16 years old, so. . . “What happened when they reached 16”?? Yes  you’ve guessed it, they started again!!! Amy has moved halfway across the country to escape the memories and the ghosts, she still struggles with many issues that to others would seem simple, like accepting a compliment, or self belief but not to a victim like her. Amy is now researching a thesis toward a degree looking at the long term affects of bullying, she is engaged to my cousin and we are all very proud of her.

bullying of students with disabilities

We just CANNOT allow this kind of dreadful behaviour to continue my friends and I can promise you that I will personally not rest until bullies are made to see what their behaviour is doing to others and the authorities agree to take serious action. 

We will campaign to raise awareness, expose and ultimately stop.  .  .

  • The school bully
  • Bullying those with disablilities
  • Homophobia
  • Racism
  • Bullying in the workplace
  • Bullies in relationships

This names just a few, if you are being bullied, have been a victim of bullies, or even if you were once a bully and have come to realise the harm that your behaviour has caused then please come and join us. . .

You can contact us at:           stopthebullycampaign@yahoo.com

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Tell us your story, or join our campaign today

Leave me a comment below if you wish I hope you will get behind this campaign, our committee will meet monthly and we will keep you posted as we plan campaign marches, meetings, etc.

Please don’t suffer in silence and help us to        “STOP THE BULLY”

Thank you for reading, have a blessed day