What Happened to Innocent Until Proven Guilty?


According to The Human Rights Act 1998 we are “Innocent until PROVEN guilty” and that guilt MUST be proved by a court of law where we have the absolute right to defend our rights and innocence.

Human rights

We have a right to a fair trial and no punishment without law, if accused of a crime we have the right to hear and defend evidence against us in a court of law. In Article 6 of The Human Rights Act 1998 it says “In the determination of civil rights and obligations or of any criminal charge against a person everyone is entitled to a fair and public hearing within a reasonable time by an independent and impartial tribunal established by law”, so WHY THE HELL ARE THE PAPERS SLATING PEOPLE THAT HAVE MERELY BEEN QUESTIONED ABOUT AN “ALLEGED” CRIME????????????? Just today the media has posted stories that Neil “Dr” Fox has been arrested for alleged historic sexual offences and the papers are already trying to label him a paedophile and sexual predator!!!

DJ-Neil-Fox DJ Neil “Dr” Fox 

Article 6 also sets out a number of specific rights which apply to criminal defendants, such as the presumed innocence until after trial and conviction, The right to be represented by a solicitor / Barrister of our own choice and the right to cross examine witnesses against us. Once again the question comes up; “How can a person have a fair trial if the case against them has been spread throughout the media prior to trial”? Of course it’s impossible as the jurors of the trial and members of the public will all have been ‘brainwashed’ by the press and their garbage!!

leveson_0 The Leveson Enquiry

Surely The Leveson Enquiry should have put a stop to all of this media broadcasting and publishing stuff before trial shouldn’t it?? But it hasn’t of course!!

The Sun      the-people-newspaper

The Gutter Press love to slate someone and put their name through the mud long before any trial and certainly well before any conviction. Even when a court have heard the trial and either a jury have pronounced the accused “Not Guilty” or if the verdict has been that of “Guilty” then the judge has passed sentence the press will either say “Oh he was guilty, but the CPS didn’t present the case well enough to secure a conviction” or they will say “The sentence wasn’t long enough”. What the hell is wrong with the media and gutter press readers?? The courts declare a person “Not Guilty” and discharge them or “Guilty” and pass sentence and still they bang on!! I hereby ask that the media should be silenced when someone has been arrested until a trial has heard the case in open court thus the accused persons might just get a fair trial and the correct verdict!


Let justice be done without interruption or unreasonable influence then have the grace to accept a verdict regardless of what it may be once a trial is over, that’s my feeling

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Celebrity Witch-Hunt’s Out of Hand??

DJ – Neil “Dr” Fox arrested on allegations of ‘historic sexual offences’. . .


Just how ridiculous is this?? Dave Lee Travis (DLT) has just come to the end of his latest trial on very similar allegations and already Neil Fox is arrested, where are these celebrity witch hunts going to end?? When will someone speak up and put a spanner in the workings of the infamous CPS??.


Please readers don’t come to me saying “Oh but these innocent women were scared to come forward for all these years because I really do NOT buy it, there are two reasons in my mind whilst these investigations have suddenly become popular. Firstly there are a bunch of crooked women out there that are “on the make” financially and stand to make a good chunk of money from ‘The Criminal Compensation Bureau’ if the celeb in question are convicted for the alleged crimes. Secondly a much deeper reasoning is to take the heat off the ‘real’ paedophiles much higher up the chain in the establishment. 

Before you start ranting and raving I AM NOT  in any way supporting paedophiles or any other form of sexual offender, so don’t even bother with such a comment!!! Anyone that supports that behaviour should be shot!!!


Neil “Dr” Fox is just one of many that have been arrested since the allegations came to light in regard to ‘Operation Yewtree’ and ultimately Jimmy Saville, let’s not forget that even Saville is dead and therefore we CANNOT possibly say catergorically that he did or didn’t commit the crimes it is alleged that he did. Whilst Police say Fox has not been arrested in connection with ‘Operation Yewtree’ it is nonetheless historical sexual offence allegations that he is being spoken to about. Recently we have seen Dave Lee Travis, Sir Cliff Richard, Rolf Harris, William Roache and several more celebrities all charged with similar crimes and I am satisfied that they are ALL innocent except for one that being Max Clifford who was clearly a serial offender.


Disgraced DJ Dave Lee Travis “The hairy cornflake” Recently wrongly convicted of historic sexual offences


Sir Cliff Richard – Recently questioned by police in connection with historic sexual offences. So far no charges have been put to the singer and he vehemently denies any allegations against him. I believe the whole thing was done to bring ‘drama’ to The news as Police notified The BBC of the planned raids before they happened, despite legal rulings in The Leveson Enquiry and The Police are now subject to an enquiry.


Coronation Street star William Roache faced a trial for alleged ‘Historical Sexual Offences’ at Preston Crown Court just a few months ago, he was also acquitted!! Why was he acquitted?? Quite simple he didn’t do it!!!! Once again a guy works hard, makes a succesful life and faces trial for nothing, costing us the taxpayer massive amounts of money so that greedy women could try to gain a large sum of money whilst ruining a celebrity life and reputation, when is someone going to stop this nonsense??

Readers I seriously urge you to put pen to paper or fire off emails and ask The Prime Minister and his so called Government to call a halt to these celebrity witch-hunts and start admitting that his establishment is where the serious paedophiles live!!!

I am party to deep enquiries into “The Corrupt Establishment” and I ask you for help and support. If you have information or data to assist me please contact me:     andrealesmanashayphd@gmail.com    or     thelastdetective@unseen.is

Let’s expose the real state of things in the world in which we live dear readers, live it, believe it. speak out .  .  .   RIGHT NOW!!!!

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Rotherham – Just Rotherham – or Elsewhere??

rotherham sign

Welcome to Rotherham, home town of the paedophile!! Does that really sound appropriate?? NO but it seems to be the truth as the media are saying almost every day. Rotherham is a large town in West Yorkshire, UK with an approximate population of 257,800 just 6 miles from the famous city of Sheffield, where steel works once produced a lot of the cutlery we use on our tables today. Formed in the late middle ages Rotherham quickly grew and by the later years of The Saxon Period had become a large parish on both sides of The River Don and has gradually evolved into a relatively modern town.

So why has Rotherham now become such big news with a massive child exploitation ring hitting the news just last month?? Is it unique to that town or is this something of a much bigger scale that we yet do not know the scale of??  According to Government figures a ‘conservative estimate’ puts the figure of the number of children abused at approximately 1400, a staggering number in my mind!!!! Enquiries so far indicate that most of the perpetrators of the abuse are of Pakistani origin, so my questions are quite simple 

  • Why Rotherham?? 
  • Are there only Pakistanis in Rotherham??
  • In fact why Pakistanis?? Have they been placed there for a particular reason??

To the best of my knowledge most but not all Pakistanis are muslims and follow the strict religion of Islam, hardly paedophiles. I mean yes I can accept that there is currently a section of Islamists that are terrorists such as ISIL but now lets have a look at this, is there ultimately a hidden link?? 


I have to say the more that I think about this case the more confusing it becomes, it just doesn’t make any sense to me that this one town in South Yorshire should have an ongoing child sex abuse scandal running for several years apparently either undetected or ignored, yet it’s not going on anywhere else?? Hmmmmm me thinks I don’t agree at all, something just doesn’t add up!! I mean OK The Police Chief at the centre of the investigation says that he failed Rotherham and yes I agree The Police should have done more and acted much more quickly but, how did it get to those proportions of such dreadful activity in the first place and why?? 

In his own words the Police chief said “This is a hideous crime, I am deeply embarrassed, I can say with honesty I had no idea of the scale and scope of this,” Well yes I see that he has reason to be embarrassed but how would he or his officers have known at the start of these dreaful incidents and still the big question stands “WHY ROTHERHAM”??? I mean come on readers; I live in London and some areas in this city are not nice places so is something very similar going on in other places?? If so to what scale?? Are there literally thousands of children in similar danger and suffering at the hands of monsters all across this country?? It just doesn’t bear thinking about my friends!! We already know that smaller asian gangs of paedophiles have been found to operate in Manchester and Oxford so clearly there is a bit of a pattern forming here, I feel we need to be asking a great deal of questions wherever we live. 

According to a recent article in The Guardian Newspaper it was revealed that attempts have been made to threaten and ultimately ‘silence’ whistleblowers that have tried to expose this case including one Home Office researcher who claimed she “Feared for her life”, according to the report the Home Office researcher was threatened by senior officers from Rotherham Police forces, why???? The researcher told a closed investigation committee that two officers threatened her saying “Wouldn’t it be a bad thing if some of those men [a child-sex grooming gang] found out where you live?”.

Friends I will leave it there for now and let you ponder on where this is going, is there a UK wide thing going on with possibly hundreds of thousands of perpetrators and victims or is there something we don’t understand that has allowed this to be isolated in Rotherham areas of the country?? I know what I think, I hope you will comment and share this post, let me know your thoughts by commenting below or if you’d like to discuss this privately or forward me information please e-mail me:      thelastdetective@unseen.is      anything that you say to me or any information you pass on via that secure email address will be treated in the strictest confidence.

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The McCann Trial – Mock Court Trial (Film Project)

Wow!! Real proud to have been invited to research this with you guys, it’s one of my cases at present and I have loads I can bring you on it. Anyone that wants to e-mail me on it pop a mail in to: thelastdetective@unseen.is

paradox media and film production uk



Welcome to our latest blog, sorry that it’s been a while but we’ve been extremely busy. Paradox Media & Film Production UK have been asked to manage what promises to become an extremely exciting and somewhat controversial film production.

One of our specialist researchers (Mr Andrearles Manashay) was approached with a view to our becoming involved in this film which will feature a mock Crown court Trial and all it’s proceedings to examine all the different “Theories & Opinions” that have sprung up since three year old Madeleine Mccann disappeared in Praia Da Luz on May 3rd 2007. There have been theories and allegations of allsorts both in mainstream media and through ‘chinese whispers’ all across the world particularly in The UK. Despite many different investigations by both The Portugese Authorities and British Police, including specialists from Scotland Yard the child has never been found

trial pic


The story within…

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Understanding The Criminal Mind

Today’s topic is a bit more in depth but it’s something I have been working on, so I thought I should share the research with you – Understanding The Criminal Mind. Today I will look at the darkest form of criminality “The Mind of The Paedophile”, I know some of you are easily upset by this subject but it’s a very real part of life and I’d just going to try to bring you some insight into what goes on in the minds of these vile beasts. . .


Paedophilia is a medically diagnosable condition according to some psychology theories and is characterised by adults & late adolescents (persons aged 16 years & above, both male & female) that have an exclusive or at least primary interest in ‘prepubescent children’. A ‘Paedophile’ should not be confused with a ‘Hebephile’, which is a person sexually attracted to a child that is already in at least the early stages of puberty (usually aged approximately 11 – 14 years old). Most mainstream media and members of the public wrongly place all persons attracted to children under the umbrella word  ‘Paedophile’, it is in my mind disgusting by any name but as this is a research item I thought I’d share the facts with you.



On Line Troll

Paedophiles / Hebephiles do not discriminate race, class, or even looks and according to a colleague of mine at The American Psychiatric Association 85% of this type of offender are male and mainly aged over 30 years old, but this is by no means ‘set in stone’. They are clearly female child sex offenders although interestingly according to a University Research Programme (They do not wish to be named) most females that fit into these characteristics would be more likely classed under the title ‘paedophile’. It seems from our recent research and investigations that there is a clear correlation between these type of offenders and certain psychological characteristics such as poor social skills and difficulties in interacting with others. Many will not have many friends, will be somewhat introverted and if in a relationship at all it will be a superficial one with the partner being more of a ‘companion’ than a sexual ‘lover’. 


Convicted serial child abuser Derek Slade (The Headmaster) spent years abusing children gaining sexual gratification from physically and sexually abusing boys in his care administering extreme amounts of corporal punishment. He was a very highly qualified teacher and headmaster of an all boys private school but enjoyed abusing children. Despite being convicted in The UK of more than 50 offences and being wanted in India on over another 110 charges he maintains his innocence and we have revealed that he runs a library service in a prison and donates regularly to the NSPCC. The point I am raising here is that even people that ‘know absolutely’ that they have been involved in very serious crimes will play themselves up as being the ones that have been wronged. In a leaked report from within The Prison System where he was being held Slade is known to be saying that he will appeal his convictions all the way to The House of Lords, see my point?? The evidence is absolutely solid against this man but still he will not sit back and take his punishment as he, like most that have offended sexually against children do not see they have done wrong.


National Crime Agency are fighting paedophiles daily in The UK, but for everyone convicted 100’s and I do MEAN hundreds go undiscovered or worse still unconvicted.

Although some statistics show that child sexual offenders have low intelectual abilities and and self-esteem this is clearly not completely accurate as they are very often skilled manipulators and often have such amazingly magnetic personalities that it makes them easily attractive to adults and children alike. They appear to be trustworthy & respectable so much so that anyone when told of their offending would just laugh and accuse the informant of lying!! Child abusers (for want of better words) often seek to gain power and authority over a child (Hence Derek Slade – Headmaster) because their inner desire is for a child to become a possession. A child to an abuser is a focus of an obsession to the point of destruction. This is where investigators like myself are left following paths into major establishments where these offenders hide as they are positions of trust and respect such as Teachers, Ministers, Reverands, Doctors, Masons, Charity Workers, Community Leaders, etc. Children obviously trust their Scout or Guide Pack Leader as they are respected people to be looked up to, likewise they would trust their local MP or councillor because the adults within their lives vote for and believe in them.


2 million kids missing

An offender that abuses children will often enjoy being the “underdog” and will let others manipulate him /her to their advantage. He or she may well be highly intellectual but they will act as if they have difficulties and will thus allow them to ‘reach out’ to others, even the most unknowledgeable, vulnerable person for help with every day tasks. It is part of human nature to help others and a child abuser will use this to his / her advantage to slip into a life of a family relatively unsuspected and un-noticed. These offenders will often be very adept at locating ‘troubled or withdrawn’ children, a talent acquired through years of trail and effort and always putting themselves in posistions where situations are most likely to arise. Particularly in cases where a victim is a troubled child there will have been sometime over which the child will have developed ‘feelings’ for the predator because he / she has been there for the child when no one else appears to have been, with the offender often being very supportive of the child during times of sorrow, emotional loss, etc. This often happens when an abuser holds positions of trust such as Teachers, step parent, care worker, etc. Evidence of this comes to light through a dozen or so cases in 2002 where adult men had been sexually molested years before by catholic priests. New York’s Cardinal Edward Egan received a massive storm of criticism when it came out that he defended priests that had been charged with sexual molestation of children, he saw no little reason to “make a fuss” in The Catholic Church. 



This photograph was titled ‘pedopope’ by it’s original producer

I will leave it there for this one friends, not quite my usual stuff but I wanted to share some of my recent research with you through my writings. If you want to leave a comment please feel free to do so below or follow my blogs.

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Madeleine McCann – Child Trafficking Victim??


Hello Friends 

Today I am going to discuss my belief that Madeleine McCann could well have been sold to Child Traffickers to more than likely be used for sexual exploitation and the gratification of a high profile paedophile ring. Please bear in mind “THIS IS MY OWN OPINION BASED ON MY WORK AND RESEARCH”.

I am only able to share a certain amount of information / evidence with you due to the work I have been and am still connected with that is the law – PLEASE REMEMBER THIS

Before I go on to discuss my reasons in full let me just give you some facts and data to work with. . .

Human Trafficking is The Modern Day Slavery

The trafficking and exploitation of humans, especially children for profit takes quite a number of forms including; Forced Labour, Domestic Servitude, Sexual Exploitation & Service. Despite a huge ongoing effort from authorities all across the world this type of slavery still remains BIG business, this is in biggest part helped by the fluidity of trafficking networks adapting to constant change at short notice, thus avoiding detection.


Sexual Trafficking & Exploitation

There are a number of problems identifying accurate statistics in this particular field for obvious reasons in that it is a very secretive business. My work does not permit me to be detailed in the knowledge that I can share with you but, I can tell you with absolute accuracy that recently over 2,000 brothels were identified in the city of London, England in which 60% of those held illegally trafficked sex workers of all ages from 55 different countries across the world with 22% being well below the age of consent to engage in sexual activity in accordance with laws of The UK. In quite a number of cases those that were identified as ‘children’ in these results 6% had been singled out for either illegal adoption or forced marriage. Please remember these are FACTS not assumptions. I am NOT allowed to reveal sources of these facts.

police with kid

There have been several cases of child prostitution in recent years that have reached the media and I can promise you there are many that haven’t. When someone says “child prostitution” we see a mind image something like a ragged little lass on dark misty night under a victorian street lamp waiting for a rich man to buy her sexual favours and time. That is an image from Victorian times – isn’t it?? Not anymore NO. . .Britain’s dreadful secret is that once again a man or indeed a woman can enter most towns & cities in The UK and buy sexual favours with a child of absolutely any age, quite often with the full and open knowledge of the parents of the child concerned. Oh yes there are many female paedophiles that abuse children as well males.

Generation Peace

5 year old girl victims of traffickers with a rescuer from ‘Generation Peace’

So how does this relate to Madeleine McCann?? How does this lead me to any conclusion that she was sold to trafffickers?? That’s what you are shouting at your screen aren’t you?? Patience, Patience I am coming to that. . .

It is my opinion that Madeleine Beth McCann was sold for ‘Child Trafficking’ by her money driven parents for a huge sum of money. “But they went through the struggles of IVF to have her” I hear you say, yes I agree BUT money seems to be their God and ‘money breeds contempt’. once the twins came along I believe from my studies of their body language, listening to the interview tapes, etc that they then rejected her in favour of the twins. Let’s look at the facts connected to finances in the case of Kate & Gerry McCann, they love big properties, they love expensive holidays including world travel and they have clearly set up a ‘scam’ charity to raise money to fund the search for their daughter yet they’ve used less than 20% of the money for the search (Where is the rest of the money??).

maddie fund


mccann house

The McCann’s ‘lovely big home’ in Rothley, Leicestershire

mccann's and their money

Look at their faces as they count the money given by loving & supportive folk to help find Madeliene

Incidentally Gerry McCann is involved in a very high profile Government Quango COMARE and was already involved at the time of Madeleine’s disappearance in 2007. A company called Bell Pottinger represented The McCann’s and the holiday village where Madeleine vanished from, they also provide PR for The Nuclear Power Industry that Gerry Is connected with so this shows us a deep connection to The British Establishment so no wonder Gordon Brown, the then Chancellor of Exchequer was so keen to help lead the search whilst hushing up and controlling what the media were allowed to publish in Madeleine’s case. You may or may not understand the relevance of this.


Now I have recently got myself involved in some interesting debates and groups on Facebook where I have seen some interesting theories put forward as to what happened to Madeleine McCann, most have which are driven by false leads and stories posted in mainstream media, which in the work I have been and in some cases still am involved in is known to be taken with a proverbial “pinch of salt”. Let’s look at one or two of the opinions and how they are based. . .

One suggestion is one of the most popular in the world media is that Kate & Gerry McCann disposed of Madeleine’s body after she died in a tragic accident in the holiday apartment, they panicked and created a blind that she had been abducted, what’s wrong with that?? Well . . .Firstly Kate McCann was not the only person to check on Madeleine during the evening of 3rd May 2007 so that way the friends of the family would have had to have been involved and maintained a lie all these years, very risky if the friends had fallen out at any time. Secondly The McCann’s would have had to have moved the body and disposed of it in such a way that despite the use of specialist dogs, tracking teams, police officers, even helicopters no trace of the body has surfaced since, hmmmmm “nope it just doesn’t work”. 

Dogs allegedly found blood and dna evidence in The McCann’s apartment yet the dogs were not then taken out searching the streets or anything, instead they along with their handlers returned to the airport, transported by Goncalo Amaral, where the handlers met with and updated MI5 officers before returning to England. The Cadaver has never been found to this day FACT

Another theory was very similar in that The McCann’s murdered Madeleine, once again I see no logic in this theory and I dispute it for the same reasons. 

praia da luz holiday apartments

Holiday Apartments in Praia Da Luz

Scotland yard officers are thought to be following one of the original lines of enquiry that Madeleiene was abducted by burglars that were also drug dealers. . .Errrrrm NO, why not?? Well the Facts are that staff from the holiday complex in Praia Da Luz and Portugese police examined the window shutters and state that there was “No sign of forced entry on them”. Even if we accept that the burglars ‘walked in unseen’ which is extremely unlikely there were many items including jewellery, cameras and money left openly in the apartment and nothing was stolen!! Burglars, however careful would have made noise which could have woken the twins at any time at all and if they took the trouble to take one small child, they would not have left the other two behind, that makes no sense.


The room from which Madeleine was allegedly abducted, note the position of the cots, the closeness of the door and the small gap between the cots

One dispute against my theory / submission is that Kate & Gerry wouldn’t want to risk Madeleiene suddenly turning up and exposing the sale and revealing their involvement in a huge scam, but what those saying this are not clear about is that Maddie was only 3 years old when she left and therefore could well be living in a foreign land believing herself to be someone else completely and if not then one thing is for absolutely certain ‘the traffickers aren’t going to ever let her go, they’d kill her before they did that. Lastly the other negative was that the traffickers would hold it over The McCann’s heads and could demand more money at any time, that is also not likely as the child will have been ‘sold’ and it would be much too risky for the traffickers to attempt to contact Kate & Gerry as there is far too much scrutiny of their movements and contacts, plus the traffickers will have made their money back with a huge profit I guarantee that.

I have stated my case as far as I possibly can, I am UNABLE to divulge any further sources or evidence for my own safety and legal reasons, I truly believe that Madeleine Beth McCann is alive and I truly believe that Kate & Gerry McCann sold her or traded her with child traffickers. In my professional opinion this is the most logical and sensible explanation as to the what happened to Madeleine. I further believe that those that are saying “the child is dead” are hindering the true search because people may see a child that looks like Madeleine but dismiss it as they think she is dead.

Please feel free to comment below, follow my blogs, share my blogs forward via Facebook, Twitter, etc and if you want to contact me in confidence please email:     thelastdetective@unseen.is

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MI5 SPIES KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO MADELEINE MCCANN ; was the recent allegation made by the so called “shamed detective / crime writer Goncalo Amaral of Praia Da Luz.

Well I am here to tell you I believe him, every word of this new revelation I believe, because in my professional opinion Kate & Gerry McCann are just unbelievable and probably have friends in The British Secret Service, after all they’ve got their backs covered in so many ways it’s almost unreal, except it is!!!

Readers / supporters let me tell you my feelings on the story. . .Mr Amaral held quite a high and respected position within The Portugese Police until The McCann’s got their teeth in his arse because they needed to silence him. I may not agree with all of Goncalo’s thoughts in his book but I do agree that Gerry & Kate McCann had a huge hand in their daughter Madeleine’s disappearance. I am not going to sit here and chew over what I feel has happened to her or reason what happened on the night of 3rd May 2007. That has been done to death by many many people some who haven’t even bothered to read the actual statements or police reports, let alone were actually there in Praia De Luz within 14 hours of the disappearance being announced (I was there in my duties as an investigative journalist).

Whichever way, if MI5 know anything as Mr Amaral alleges then they should be made to reveal all. The latest allegation came out in a televison documentary in which Scotland yard detectives were literally mocked for their ridiculous theories and newest lines of investigation. Mr Amaral said when asked if we will ever learn the truth about what happened to Madeleine McCann “We will when MI5 open up their files”.. When asked to elaborate The detective went on to say that when the British Police Officer had been to search the McCann’s apartment with specialist search dogs he and his portugese team took the officer back to the airport to return to England, on route the British officer received a telephone call and told Amaral that the call had been from MI5 saying they had officers at the airport waiting to be updated on the case. I have just one question. . WHY???Just what is so damn special and unique about these McCann’s?? 


The now “shamed” detective Goncalo Amaral with his infamous book.

I have spent most of my life as a specialist investigative journalist and as a private detective and have been present and involved in other high profile missing child enquiries including the abduction and murder cases of ‘schoolgirl Milly Dowler’ and ‘Soham school chums ‘Holly Wells & Jessica Chapman’. I witnessed the shear devastation on the faces of those families when those children disappeared and ultimately were proven to have been murdered. There was No MI5, No Pope, No Chancellor of The Exchequer to hold their hands!!

Let’s have a look at Mr Amaral, in my opinion a very qualified and experienced police officer and in fact led the investigation into Madeleine’s disappearance on 3rd May 2007, yet he decides that in fact Gerry & Kate McCann were suspects and suddenly he is belittled and pushed out of the enquiry and ultimately is now aged 56 whiling away his life as a crime writer. Who caused this, him?? NO!!! far from it this police officer’s career and reputation was ruined by The McCann’s and I will ALWAYS believe that those two people are behind the disappearance of their daughter. The only part of Goncalo’s theories I don’t accept is that Madeleine Mccann is dead, because i have believed from day one that Kate and Gerry sold Madeleine to a major paedophile ring and I believe she may well be in Southern America some place with Daniel Entwistle the 7 year old boy that vanished from Great Yarmouth, Norfolk on 3rd May 2003. 


Look at this innocent sweet face, how the hell could anyone have allowed any one to have harmed her??

maddie 1

This sweet little angel’s life has been ruined by someone because of greed, the greed of The McCann’s

Apparently the team of detectives that are about to return to Praia Da Luz for a ‘last ditch attempt’ search for Madeleine are now following one of their original theories that Madeleine was abducted by burglars that were also drug dealers, now ‘whoa the horses’ here a minute, what the hell would drug dealers want with a three year old girl?? If they were paedophiles I could accept it perhaps but look at the evidence. . .There was and is no evidence to substantiate a break in, there was cameras, money, jewellery and other valuables openly not hidden in the apartment on the night of Madeleine’s disappearance why would a burglar take a 3 year old girl, leave two slightly younger twins asleep and not take any valuables and to this day not issue a ransom for the safe return of the child?? Sorry too far fetched for me. That theory is the same one the British Officer that was seconded to Goncalo’s team in 2007 brought with him and after long discussion was dismissed as ‘ridiculous’ and was not followed further. Where are they going to find these drug dealers now 7 years on?? Are they going to be still wandering around Praia Da Luz waiting for detectives from Scotland Yard that the media have announced are coming?? Errrrmm OK thought about it . . .”NO”.

scotland yard detectives in Praia

Scotland yard detectives in Praia Da Luz

Goncalo Amaral predicted in his last TV interview that the whole Scotland Yard Enquiry will very soon wind down now with no positive outcome and Madeleine will not be found dead or alive and I absolutely agree with him, The police are clearly taking completely the wrong lines of enquiry and well meaning members of the public that are supporting theories that she is dead or worse still supporting The McCann’s are hindering the enquiry because they are not looking for Madeleine. i will be slated by some for me reasoning and some will go to the trouble of picking my posts to pieces but that doesn’t phase me in the slightest I am in absolutely no doubt that Madeleine McCann and Daniel Entwistle are alive and being used as part of a major paedophile ring linked to The Establishment. I have set aside time to work on this case professionally and I will work and blog and report my findings as long as it takes, in conclusion this is what I ideally want to prove:

1: That Madeleine McCann is alive and well and so is Daniel Entwistle

2: To see Daniel reunited with his loving parents that miss him every day

3: To see the people behind these dreadful attrocities where they belong “Behind Bars” especially those evil faced pair of fraudsters Kate & Gerry McCann who have in my opinion used their innocent daughter for monetary gain

Incidentally some of you may not know The Daniel Entwistle case, sadly i do and have reviewed it twice once in 2003 and once last year. His family were working class folk, his dad worked on the railways and his mother was unwell, the loss of their son has destroyed their marriage, they didn’t have The Pope, The Chancellor or a bunch of bent masons to protect them they didn’t need them they are innocent of any crimes. They didn’t have the money for a holiday in The Algarve but their son was never found either, written off as one that never came back. 

daniel Entwistle

Daniel entwistle aged just 7 when he disappeared on 3rd may 2003

I will work every spare moment to do all I can to help the innocent ones and to convict the evil ones anyone want to join me?? Seriously if you agree with my thoughts and want the same things I want or you have sincere information to assist I won’t ask you to comment you can remain anonymous and contact me on an an invisible email address that is 100% secure:    thelastdetective@unseen.is 

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