rotherham map


Map of showing Rotherham

What is the true story behind this case?? Is the establishment really expecting us to believe and accept that a huge group of paedophiles just ‘so happened’ to be all in Rotherham and abused all those innocent children??

This is the biggest cover up of many years by The Establishment (IMO) and is looking likely to become the biggest scandal to hit The UK for a long time and I believe this is our best chance to really expose what is truly going on in relation to sexual offending in Britain.

rotherham porn brokers


One of many pawnbrokers in Rotherham one of the few ‘thriving’ businesses 

The evil doers know that this is a desperately poor city with whole communities struggling to put food in the mouths of children, so no matter how dreadful it seems there is a huge door open to ‘paying paedophiles’. I truly believe that it has to have been known for a very long time that these terrible incidents of abuse were going on!! Why then was it all hushed up and hidden for so long?? Come on it doesn’t take a top scientist to work that out. . .Half the powerful abusers have connections to The Establishment!!



Britain’s Houses of Parliament

The late Cyril Smith was an MP for Rochdale and travelled all over abusing children and as Rotherham is just an hour’s drive away (just 51 miles driving distance) so it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to calculate the odds of Smith having had connections to this dreadful situation. Smith is a disgraced paedophile in his past life and if he were alive today would probably be serving the rest of his life behind bars for his involvement in a paedophile ring that has been ‘hushed up’ and has quickly disappeared from the news.

cyril smith


The late Cyril Smith (Former Liberal democrat MP for Rochdale)

I see The Establishment behind this in so many ways but if in no other way they have taken all the investment away from councils in many UK towns and cities, leaving families unemployed, destitute and broken. Desperate parents wanting to feed their families whilst foreign immigrants have taken over lots of communities and thus making for even more unemployment and creating deeper problems.

run down rotherham

Run down streets & closed businesses in Rotherham show the terrible state of the economy there.

Why have There been so many reports sent to social workers in Rotherham yet they have been either completely ignored or the information ‘placed on file’ instead of properly investigated, why?? In my opinion it is because whilst Paedophiles were paying money to abuse children and keeping food and drugs in their carers and sometimes evil parents mouths The Establishment kept their mouths zipped thus avoiding spending money and allowing some of their heirachy to abuse children in a massive way under the cover of foreign paedophiles, the same foreign paedophiles that are living in the homes that should belong to local folk that are ready and willing to work but can’t because either The Government have taken away the industry or allowed immigrants to take over.


Canklow, Rotherham – would you want to live in these rabbit hutches??

Rotherham Social

Rotherham Social Services

I will be writing more on this case as things unfold but I really believe if investigated properly and without anyone ‘shutting the investigative journalists up’ this case could blow a massive hole in the biggest paedophile ring with many, many high profile members that have hidden too long.

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The Story of Me – Late Intro

sherlock with pipe

My fictional hero – Sherlock Holmes, consulting detective

Hello friends, I just thought maybe I should do a little blog about me so as you know who’s blogs & reports you are reading. I was born in Islington, London, England (although I am Greek Cypriot origin). I still live in London and have made my life’s work to study and theorise unsolved crimes and mysteries.

chapel market

Chapel Market, Islington where I grew up

A1, Islington, Greater London, UK

Angel Islington Tube Station

I am a qualified investigative journalist, private investigator & criminologist, I’ve worked in various parts of the world and have covered many stories. I’ve been ‘on location’ at some of the big stories, being at ‘the heart of the action’ so to speak on many occasions. My fascination is unsolved crimes and exposing cases so that people can understand & ultimately help where I can to conclude matters. I have written a theses on “Jack The Ripper”, “Ley Line Murders”, and “Theories of Injustice” so you can see I get pretty passionate about my studies. 

city of london uni

City University London


Jack The Ripper really made news like never before & still keeps armchair sleuths busy today

The cases that really interest and excite my brain just at the moment are:

  • The Madeleine McCann disappearance case
  • The disappearance of Daniel Entwistle in Great Yarmouth
  • Masonic crime
  • The murder of Princess Diana
  • Jack The Ripper

That’s just to name you a few, send me references to any unsolved case and I will happily research it & let you have my theories on it. I would say that I will not guarantee my theories to be absolutely correct but if I give my professional opinion as a ‘resting’ Private Detecttive, then i will take a gamble on my theory being proven & becoming factual evidence. can I just say at this stage that I DO NOT condone the behaviour of nor do I support the work of the organisation known as “Anonymous”. I do like there masks and I have worn one similar on campaign marches, but I am NOT a member. I DO NOT hack computers and I DO NOT hold anyone to ransom at any time. I DO support The ECHR (European Convention of Human Rights) & I will always peacefully campaign to see justice done, but I don’t condone any activity that could harm anyone or any business. I am a white witch / pagan so peace & love are my middle names.


Sherlock at work

I have a saying “The Truth is Far More exciting”, because I truly believe that no matter how hard some one tries the truth will out in the end and as a sleuth / investigative writer I’d much rather see the truth exposed than theories put forward in a case to keep things peaceful. I DO NOT condone anyone in The Media making things up or telling the readers what they want to hear if it’s not the truth. I absolutey despise Police & Establishment cover-ups they really frustrate me and I will work tirelessly to expose the facts.

sherlock sign 

He was my fictional hero, a character I used in growing in my work and research.


Remember that ‘Mainstream Media’ don’t always tell the truth, they are after all controlled by The Establishment so if a journalist has a major expose but it’s not something that The Establishment wants let into the public eye they won’t go to press!!

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tube train

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That was a headline in The Daily Mirror Newspaper on Saturday 23rd August 2014, what a joke that is!! The British Police are wasting so much tax payers money sending specialist officers to dig in search of “Madeleine McCann” I very much doubt they will find her because I do not accept that she is dead!! The McCann’s had nothing to make out of killing her and covering it up, they couldn’t keep the search going all these years if they had. 

IMO; Maddie McCann is alive and was sold to a high profile paedophile ring by her father Gerry McCann as he is a mason in Rothley where the family come from.

The Mirror says “After weeks of tense negotiations a team of Scotland yard detectives will travel to the Portugese seaside resort of Praia De Luz next month” What on earth is going on here?? Why are the Establishment going to so much trouble to try to keep Kate & Gerry McCann safe and not reveal their connection to the biggest Paedophile ring in Britain?? That’s exactly why. . .because if it were revealed that this poor little child had been sold to a ring it would come out where she is now, then The British Establishment would be finished as we know it!!!

scotland yard

“At least seven specialist officers including Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood from ‘Operation Grange’ will hold meetings with senior Portugese investigators” Yeah I’m sure they will and will guide the Portugese in where ‘not’ to look and what to say to the media

Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood

Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood

The last time the officers were in Portugal in May this year they conducted interviews with four Arguidos roughly translated to “named suspects”, of course no one was charged and of course The Mccann’s were not even there let alone considered arguidos!! Isn’t it strange how they are there for every step of the trial where they stand to gain up to one million pounds, yet they can’t make it when their daughter’s body could surface at any moment in a police dig!!! Why’s that?? There can only be one answer in my opinion that is that they don’t need to be there because they ‘know’ Madeleine’s body is not there’. Look; in May the detectives searched for eight days in Praia Da Luz and despite using specialist sniffer dogs and ground penetrating radar found absolutely nothing, now the officers concerned are told that money is finite and this is likely to be the last ditch attempt to find Maddie. Of course the budget will be controlled byThe British Establishment / Government.

algarve map

Algarve map showing Praia Da Luz

prai de luz n maddie

Scene of Praia Da Luz with Madeleine McCann (inset)

Interestingly Portugese police have called the whole Scotland yard operation  as ” a senseless waste of time and money”. In my opinion The portugese are right, The British taxpayer’s money is just being wasted with the full knowledge of The British Establishment”!! According to The Daily Mirror Kate 46 and Gerry 45 are not expected to travel to The Algarve for the operation, I wonder why!!!


Kate McCann is said to be upset as British children prepare to return to school in September as this year Madeleine would have been starting what Kate referred to as ‘Big School’. Well Kate maybe if you hadn’t been so greedy and loved money more than your child, you’d be taking her to ‘Big School’ wouldn’t you??

then and now maddie

Maddie would now be 11 years old and starting ‘Big School’ in September

Here’s what I believe and the message I would send to Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood. . .”You are wasting your time and British tax payer’s money friend, if you want to interview ‘arguidos’ try starting with the prime suspects “KATE & GERRY McCANN!!!

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Case Law: Yeo v Times Newspapers, Judge dismisses Times application for jury trial and determines meaning – Media Lawyer

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Tim YeoIn a judgment handed down on 20 August 2014 in the case Yeo v Times Newspapers ([2014] EWHC 2853 (QB)) Mr Justice Warby decided that the trial of a defamation action brought against the Sunday Times by senior Conservative MP Tim Yeo will take place without a jury.  The Judge dismissed an application by the newspaper’s publisher, Times Newspaper Ltd, for a jury trial.  He went on to determine the meaning of the words complained of.

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JUST SHOCKED – Porn Posts on Facebook

Well friends this is a bit off the normal track for my blogs but I just have to share this with you; I am a member of a group relating to my religion, last night some filthy animal tried to post what I can only describe as “degrading underage material” on to the group!!!

What on earth is the matter with this guy?? OMG!! I am really concerned about the management of Facebook, I posted a blog that I believed to be accurate to help people to learn about serious crime that is taking place here in UK and in other parts of the world including the Illuminati’s evil doings and got banned from posting or using groups for two weeks!!, yet this guy “Jo” posts illegal porn onto groups then adds a pic to every post on the groups and despite being reported is still up and has his page still running!!!!!!!!

I’m sorry but I really feel something needs to be done to clean up the internet, especially Facebook!! So far as I am concerned Facebook, twitter, etc should be verifying every one’s account before they are allowed to join and monitoring all members to ensure safety. All members of Facebook should have to have their status clearly displayed with their location open for all to see and verified as being accurate.

I am just stunned that this happened if anyone sees a profile for a “Jo Whitty” with a profile picture of a middle finger picture, please avoid him and report him to Facebook he is very bad news

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Stay Safe Friends

Cliff Richard Scandal – BBC What Are You Up Too??

MoS2 Template Master 

Okay Aunty BBC what are you up to?? What on earth possessed you to go poking around in the early days of a serious police enquiry so much so that you could have compromised the investigation??

South Yorkshire police have sent a letter of complaint to The Director General of The BBC after they potentially compromised the investigation into a sex crime that allegedly took place in the 1980’s. The corporation caused a bit of a sensation when they broadcast coverage of the raid on Sir Cliff Richard’s Berkshire home including film footage of the police actually carrying out the raid.

By all accounts an undercover reporter had discovered the police’s ongoing “Top Secret” investigation. How did a reporter come to have access to such sensitive information?? Either the police’s records need to be protected far more securely or there is a leak in the force somewhere, whichever of these is true it is serious in my opinion, if a reporter can infiltrate a “top secret” investigation involving a celebrity then he or she can certainly uncover ongoing police enquiries into the every day man on the street, so we the public have no right to privacy or confidentiality, contrary to Article 8 of The European Convention of Human Rights Act 1998.

south yorks plod

A shocking statement from South Yorkshire Police issued on 16th August 2014 it was reported that The Police were ‘somewhat reluctant’ to cooperate with The BBC but felt that if they didn’t The BBC would run the story anyway thus compromising the investigation. The force admits striking up an agreement that would allow The BBC to be informed ‘exclusively’ of the raid on Sir Cliff’s penthouse in exchange for an agreement that publication of the story could be delayed. The BBC then broadcast live from the scene of the raid, Sir Cliff Richard strongly denies the allegations has said that he was very angry that The BBC was given exclusive knowledge of the raids, blackening his character un-necessarily.

BBC News

So what’s going on?? Why did The BBC take such unprecedented action?? Why would they risk having their name dragged through the mud for the sake of a news story?? Are they that desperate for a story??  I hardly think so when half the world is at war with one another!! I believe that The BBC were pressed by an unknown source, probably a Government spin doctor to broadcast the story to avert public attention from something much more serious (Of course the media will now be kept busy for some days with “The Cliff Richard saga”).

The police have said that they are disappointed in the failure on the part of The BBC to even declare that the original source of the information was NOT the police!! Okay so next question, if the police didn’t give The BBC their original tip off then who the hell did?? I personally agree with the comments of Conservative MP for North West Leicestershire Andrew Bridgen when he said “What The BBC has done amounts to no more than blackmail”. 

andrew bridgen mp 

Andrew Bridgen MP 

I have to agree that there should be an open public enquiry into exactly what happened to allow The BBC to potentially compromise a police enquiry and release information that could be damaging to what is more than likely an innocent man’s character!!

In my mind this is a cover up for something much more sinister, otherwise a huge corporation like The BBC would not put their heads in a noose, so what was hidden on that day last week?? If anyone knows the answer please e-mail;

holmes 2

My Hero Sherlock Holmes

The televised police raid broke all the rules on contact between police and the press, but still the question remains WHY??? The BBC have already had a huge portion of “Egg on the face” over the whole Jimmy Saville scandal so why make it worse?? What were they going to achieve?? What is this hidden link to Portugal?? Sir Cliff just ‘happened’ to be there when his home in The UK was raided, The Prime Minister David Cameron ‘happened’ to be on holiday there when he was recalled to England to deal with a conflict in Iraq and The McCann’s just ‘happened’ to be holidaying there when their 3yr old daughter Madeleine was apparently abducted!!!


Sir Cliff Richard in Portugal at the time his UK home was raided

david cameron

David Cameron (Prime Minister) on holiday recently in Portugal

kate and gerry

Kate & Gerry McCann’s daughter was allegedly abducted from Portugal

Why have BBC radio bosses sent e-mails to all of their dj’s instructing them to remove all Cliff Richard material from their playlist?? Why has a scheduled screening on August bank holiday Monday of Cliff’s movie “Summer Holiday” been pulled?? He’s not been arrested, interviewed or charged with any offence at this stage!! Surely this is assuming someone’s guilt isn’t it?? 


Shaun Wright, labour police and crime commissioner is rumoured to be taking things very seriously and has ordered his chief executive & lawyer to draw up a timeline of the whole matter so that he can review it fully, to decide what action to take, I for one hope he takes some serious steps as The BBC could have done a great deal of harm to the future of criminal investigations and to the reputation of investigative journalists / researchers like me. I for one want to know what is behind this foolish action!!

A police source said that they felt pressured to investigate differently to the way they otherwise would ” it is totally unacceptable to brief the media prior to an investigation without the condition that there will be no media coverage until the police have been to an address and secured it”

Do you have any ideas as the why this happened?? What is being hidden from our view by this almost ‘urgent exposure’ of this enquiry?? If you want to discuss this or give your opinion please “Comment” below or email me;

Thanks for reading the evidence “It’s elementary my dear Watson”

See you all again soon friends

Questions The CPS Should Ask Kate McCann – In The Dock!!

Kate McCann, whose daughter Madeleine went missing during a family holiday to Portugal in 2007, attends a news conference at the launch of her book in London

Hello friends, today I’m back looking at Kate McCann’s guilty face, here are some questions I’d like to see her face “In the dock”. . .

  • Why did you leave the twins unattended in the apartment where you believed Madeleine had just been abducted from??  I say it’s because you knew exactly where she was
  • When you burst into the restaurant why did you shout “They’ve taken her” They’ve taken Maddie”??. . .Firstly you had no evidence that she’d been taken & secondly who were ‘They’??
  • At the time of the incident Gordon Brown was Chancellor of the Exchequer, nothing to do with The Foreign Office so why was he the one who pressured The Portugese Police?? Well let’s see. . . He is a Mason & so is Gerry McCann, think that’s “enough said”
  • Why was there no DNA from Madeleine in the apartment?? Surely cuddle cat would have had her DNA on it, even if you’d washed it, DNA lasts for years. . .  don’t think you just washed cuddle cat, I think you replaced it!!! Surely you wouldn’t wash your daughter’s toy when she was missing, it would have her scent on it??? hmmmmm so why did you wash it??
  • Why did you change your statement from “The door was locked” to “The door ‘must’ have been unlocked”?? I’d suggest it was because The Police and complex staff said there was no damage to the the shutters on the window, that you had claimed had been forced.
  • So. . .Why did you say the shutters had been forced?? Shouldn’t you have at least then damaged them to make your story fit?? Not as smart as you think are you Kate??
  • Why didn’t the twins wake up when the “intruders” got in and took Madeleine?? Were they really sleeping that heavily?? They wouldn’t wake up if the scent given off by the person if the room was familiar, such as “Daddy” would they??
  • Why has only 10% of the funds from  your charity money been spent of searching?? Where is the rest of the money?? You live a very comfortable lifestyle don’t you Kate??
  • Why Did The British Government assign a spin doctor to control what was said about you in the media within 24 Hours of Madeleine’s disappearance?? Why would They even get involved considering the child had supposedly been “abducted” in Portugal??
  • What’s all this about “Your children’s perfect genitals” that you talk of in your book?? Is that something a reader wants or needs to know?? Why would you talk about genitals of a missing child? I suggest because you know that Madeleine Beth McCann was sold to paedophiles to be used for sex
  • Why did you bring so much attention to Madeleine’s eye when you were advised that this could lead to her alleged abductors to harm her?? Because you knew she where she was didn’t you??
  • Why on earth would you feel to do a reconstruction?? Surely a distraught parent would want every effort made to find her missing child, “Wouldn’t she”??
  • Why do you immediately start threatening to sue anyone that asks questions or makes an allegation?? Are you gonna try prosecuting me?? Ha ha go on then love!! Can I have my money back that I donated??
  • Why was it 144 days after Madeleine went before the twins were tested?? Why would that be?? Surely it would have been better to do it quicker??
  • Why was there no forensic evidence left in the apartment from an intruder?? However careful most intruders leave a little something!!
  • Why would you go to Portugal for a libel trial where you stood to get a huge compensation, yet you were nowhere to be found when the police were digging for you daughter’s body?? I’d suggest that’s because you knew they wouldn’t find anything and this is all about money
  • Why did the diggers find clothing thought to belong to Maddie, but not her body and why would they find clothes when she would have surely have been in night clothes when she was abducted from her bed??
  • Why on earth did you have an audience with His Holiness The Pope?? Why would that help a missing child to be found?? Particularly when The Vatican is under a huge cloud about it hiding Paedophiles???

I could probably find many more questions but I’m sure this is enough to demonstrate your guilt “Mrs McCann” 

kate Mc


The master question i have for you is the one on many millions of lips. . .”WHERE IS MADELEINE”????

I’ll leave it there for this one folks, if you want to help me with my enquiries please email me. . .

Until next time. . .Be nice to each other, keep your friends close & your enemies closer still